Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks (Review & Swatches)

Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49

Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49 | Boots and Superdrug

Maxfactor Flipsticks started to pop around beauty blogs about a month ago and I was dying to get my hands on them ever since. If you’re familiar with MUA’s Lip Booms, Maxfactor Flipsticks won’t be much of a novelty to you. On the lip booms you have a dual-ended product, with a lipstick on one end and a lipgloss on the other. Flipsticks are also dual-ended but they have lipsticks on both ends.

The entire collection comprises of 6 flipsticks: Bloomy Pink, Boreal Mauve, Salsa Red, Swingy Brown, Folky Pink and Gipsy Red. I was immediately drawn to ‘Gipsy Red’ because of the golden shade; all of the other shades I could probably find something similar in my collection, but I don’t have anything like the golden shade.

The lipsticks are not as moisturising as I would like them to be. They can look quite chalky on the lips, especially if you’re trying to pack on the colour. The good thing is, you don’t need much as they have good pigmentation. On ‘Gipsy Red’ the coral red shade is much more pigmented than the golden shade.

Both shades complement each other; they look great worn on their own or combined together. Here are some of the ways I combined the shades:

Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks, £8.49

As you can see, you can get very creative with these Flipsticks! And I love naming my own concoctions :-) If you want to see how much more creative a person can get, head over to Fleur De Force’s blog and check out her amazing lip art. The rhinestones look amazing!

The only downside of the Flipsticks to me is the price. They cost £8.49 each, which is quite a lot of money to pay on the high street. Fair enough, you’re getting two lipstick for that price, still I could think of many other great lipsticks I could get for less than that. I suppose we’re paying for the novelty, after all Flipsticks are a rather interesting concept!

What are your thoughts on Maxfactor Flipsticks? Can you live without them or do you need them in your life?

  • Product: Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks
  • Availability: Boots | Superdrug
  • Release date: April 2012
  • Price: £8.49 each

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