River Island Black Feather Drop Earrings

River Island Black Feather Drop Earrings

Black Feather Drop Earrings, £6 | River Island

Just to give you a little background info, I’ve never owned a pair of feather earrings. The ‘feather’ trend just wasn’t my style at all, and I always thought they looked cool on other people, but not cool on me. So, after saying all that, I got these earrings about 2 weeks ago and I’ve worn them pretty much every day since. How ironic! There’s just something about these earrings that really appeal to my style.

Because the feathers are black, they sort of blend in well with my dark hair and don’t stand out too much. They’re a nice length, just over the shoulder, and the golden details create a pretty contrast the black :)

River Island Black Feather Drop Earrings

I love that they’re so versatile; they look amazing with my hair up, down or half up half down. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! Isn’t it great when you find that you can get some much use out of something you bought?

River Island Black Feather Drop Earrings

What do you think of these earrings? Cool or not? I would love your feedback on this because, like I said, I’ve never been too keen on the feather earrings trend, so this is a bit out of my comfort zone :)

  • Product: Black Feather Drop Earrings
  • Availability: River Island
  • Price: £6

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