GiGi No Bump Scrub & Skin Treatment (Review)

GiGi No Bump Scrub & Skin Treatment

GiGi No Bump Skin Treatment * (£6.20 – Amazon) & GiGi No Bump Scrub * (£15 – Amazon)


GiGi No Bump Scrub and No Bump Skin Treatment are two skincare products that help prevent ingrown hair. The No Bump Scrub is a skin polisher with honey and mango extracts to be used prior to and post hair removal to eliminate dead skin cells and release hair follicles. The No Bump Skin Treatment contains Salicylic Acid, which is a substance commonly used on acne treatments because it softens keratin, a protein that forms part of the skin structure, helping remove dry flaky skin; it can also be used before and after hair removal to prevent ingrown hairs or bumps on the skin.

About Keratosis Pilaris

I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris (KP), a very common and harmless skin condition where an excess of keratin builds up on the skin, creating little bumps within the hair follicles on places such as upper arms and legs. They look like tiny “goose bumps” and feel very rough, sometimes being mistaken for spots or acne; there’s also a big chance you will have ingrown hairs on the areas affected, especially if you have dry skin and during the Winter months. In my case they are pretty much everywhere; upper arms, legs, bottom and some on my face. There’s no treatment for KP, but there a few things you can you use to help smooth the texture of your skin and prevent ingrown hair, such as body scrubs, creams and solutions containing substances such as salicylic acid and urea, and moisturisers to help with the overall skin appearance. So when I heard about the GiGi No Bump Scrub and No Bump Skin Treatment, I was really excited to give it a go. For more on Keratosis Pilaris, click here.

GiGi No Bump Scrub & Skin TreatmentGiGi No Bump Scrub & Skin Treatment


The question is: Did they make any difference? In my case, yes and no. Like I said before, I have the KP bumps in a lot of places, and I noticed that the GiGi No Bump products only worked on areas where I have ingrown hairs such as my legs and bottom. On my face and arms the bumps are not followed by ingrown hairs, so despite having used it on my arms (I wasn’t brave enough to use it on my face), I didn’t notice anything different; maybe the GiGi products are directed more at ingrown hairs than the actual KP bumps. Despite all that, on the areas where I do have ingrown hairs, I’ve noticed a clear improvement on my skin texture and the quantity of ingrown hairs. I will continue to use both products on my legs and bottom, and will definitely stock up on them. As an added bonus, the No Bump Scrub smells absolutely divine! I highly recommend this if you suffer from ingrown hairs and want something to help release the hair follicles and smooth the texture of your skin.

What do you think of the Gigi No Bump Scrub & Skin Treatment ? What are your top tips or products for people suffering with ingrown hair or Keratosis Pilaris? Leave them on the comments section below so we can all help each other :)

  • Products: GiGi No Bump Scrub & GiGi No Bump Skin Treatment
  • Price: Scrub (£15); Skin Treatment (£6.20)
  • Availability: Scrub (Amazon); Skin Treatment (Amazon)

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