Outfit: Glamorous Disco Pants Dupe

Glamorous Disco Pants Dupe

Glamorous Disco Pants (Black – size 10), £29.99 Glamorous website
Stripped jumper – TKMaxx
Ballet flats – TKMaxx

A couple of weeks ago I ordered this Disco Pants Dupe from Glamorous. I’ve been lusting over the original American Apparel Disco Pants, but I couldn’t convince myself to spend £70 on a pair of shiny trousers. So I was glad to find the Glamorous ones for more than half the price of the AA ones.

I can’t compare these to the AA Disco Pants because I don’t own them and never tried them on, but the Glamorous Disco Pants are really good quality and the most similar to the original ones around (they even have the button at the front and the back pockets!). They run a bit small, so being normally a size 8, I ordered these in a size 10. It fits perfectly around my legs and hips, but because I’m a little midget (I’m 5ft tall) they come up really high, way above my waist, near my chest. This can be a bit uncomfortable at times and it makes me feel claustrophobic having trousers coming so high up! Apart from that, they’re great. They suck in legs, bums and tums like a dream and make your body look more sculpted. I’ve been ‘blessed’ with a mid-sized derrière and the Disco Pants made it look very neat and slimmed down. Thumbs up for that :)

I like the stretchy material which makes it easier to move around in these incredibly form-fitting trousers. Even though they are tight fitted as leggings, they are very thick and not see-through at all, which means you can wear them with crop tops and t-shirts in general without worrying about covering your modesty :) I got mine in black, but you can also get in pewter and royal blue.

What do you think of the Glamorous Disco Pants Dupe? Have you tried it? How would you compare it to the original American Apparel Disco Pants?

  • Product: Glamorous Disco Pants (Black)
  • Availability: Glamorous website
  • Size: 8-14 (I’m normally a size 8 but I got a size 10 as I was advised to go one size up due to small fit)
  • Colours: Black, Pewter and Royal Blue
  • Price: £29.99

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