Outfit: TFNC Sash Bandeau Dress

TFNC Sash Bandeau Dress

TFNC Sash Bandeau Dress in Black – Ebay

I really like this dress. I got it from the same blog sale as my Asos Split Sleeves Dress (blog post here), and I think this dress is really flattering on my figure. This dress is perfect if you, like me, have advantageous breasts and hips and you want to make your waist look defined whilst making the most of your features.

TFNC Sash Bandeau Dress

(Sorry, I should’ve ironed before photographing it. Bad blogger!)

The sash at the front is great for hiding those annoying extra pounds I wish I didn’t have; the shape is also kind of peplum-ish, which is super trendy at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t find this on the TFNC website anymore; I know it was available from ASOS (here), but it’s out of stock. I did, however, find it on Ebay as well :)

What do you guys think? What’s your favourite type of clothing to frame your figure? Do you like this dress?


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