Benefit Lookin’ To Rock Rita: My Summer Scent

Benefit Lookin' To Rock Rita

Benefit Lookin’ To Rock Rita, £29.50 | Benefit | Boots (currently on offer for £19.66!) | John Lewis

I’ve been a Chanel No 5 kind of girl for many many years, so fruity and floral scents weren’t really something I’d run to buy. I liked them on other people, but never really bothered to buy any for myself. Until I met Carmella…

In case you don’t know, Carmella is another one of Benefit’s perfumes. It has a coconut-y smell so delicious and summery, that it makes me want to go on holiday or to a beach party! So, I went to a Benefit counter looking for something similar to Carmella (some of my friends have Carmella, so I didn’t want to be a copycat!) and I was recommended Rita.

Benefit Lookin' To Rock Rita

Top notes: lemon, coconut, freesia

Middle notes: juicy fig, hyacinth, violet

Bottom notes: sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood, vanilla

Lookin’ To Rock Rita is fruity, fresh and sweet. It has a coconut-y smell similar to Carmella, as well as two other distinctive scents: a bit of sweetness from the vanilla and a citrus-y hint from the lemon. This combination makes Rita my perfect Summer scent. It’s fun, girly and delicious!

Benefit Lookin' To Rock Rita

The perfume comes in a little box ‘house’ with a veranda illustration at the front. When you open the top, one of the sides flip out to show us a peek inside the ‘house’. The bottle is so pretty; it already looks great on my dressing table!

What’s your Summer Scent? Have you tried Rita, Carmella or any other Benefit perfumes? Let me know :)

  • Product: Benefit Lookin’ To Rock Rita
  • Price: £29.50
  • Availability: Benefit | Boots (currently on offer for £19.66!) | John Lewis

Au revoir!


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  • beckysmakeup

    I always see these and forget to test them. I adore the packaging alone and Benefit has never let me down in the past! I am definitely going to hit these up when I am next at the counter. I know they had a set at some point of the collection in minis…I think…maybe I dreamt it haha

    Becky x

  • TattooedTeaLady

    I have the Sofia Benefit perfume and matching lotion set. I love it, but only wear it on special occasions :) xo

  • Gabriela

    I absolutely adooore the Carmella perfume, had it a couple of years ago and was complimented all the time. Plus, I was living in Portugal at the time and no one had heard of Benefit perfumes so it was a unique scent there :P

    I am thrilled to hear there’s another scent for Carmella lovers, will definitely look into this one, especially at such a great price! xx

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