Missguided Sale Lust List

I’m an avid list maker, I even make lists of the lists I want to make! So today I was browsing the Missguided website and I spotted more than a few things I would very much like to have in my wardrobe. All the pieces I chose are on sale, so now would be a great time to get them, if you fancy any of them :)

Missguided Sale Lust List

1. £14.99 (HERE); 2. £20.79 (HERE); 3. £17.49 (HERE); 4. £18.89 (HERE); 5. £10.99 (HERE); 6. £36.99 (HERE)

I know it’s a big of hefty list and if I were to buy everything from it, I would probably struggle to find that many places to go out and wear all of them anyway. So realistically I’d go for the Cambelle Lace Shirt Dress and the Sabina Cable Knit Jumper Dress.

What are your favourite pieces from my Misguided Sale Lust List? What other pieces from the Misguided website are you lusting over? Let me know :)

EDIT: After writing this post, someone kindly warned me about Missguided’s poor customer service track record. If you’re considering ordering from them, please have a read of this blog post (link here) first. Charlotte had a terrible experience with them and I would hate for this to happen to me or any one of my followers and readers.

Au revoir!


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