Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band (Review & Demo)

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band, £3.50 (pack of 5) | Tesco

Whilst watching one of Lisa Eldridge‘s amazing videos (HERE), I noticed she used a funny little hair band to tie her hair back before starting a tutorial (around 3 minutes into the video). My brain registered that, and when I went to Tesco the other day I spotted something that looked exactly like what Lisa had used.

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band

This is the Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band, a clever little alternative to the traditional ponytail hair band that we all know and love. Leo is an award winning celebrity hairdresser and he developed this band which is meant to help create the perfect ponytail. The Ponytail Bungee Band has 2 hooks that secure the band in the hair, instead of the traditional loops. In simple words you secure one hook in your hair, wrap the bungee cord around your hair until the elastic is taut, and secure the other hook in your hair again. I know it sounds weird, but it does work. Check out my demo below:

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band

1. “Create a ponytail”: I created a side ponytail because it’s easier to demonstrate than a back ponytail.

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band

2. “Hold your ponytail with one hand and use your other hand to secure one hook on the bungee cord to the ponytail”: Make sure the hook has secured as much hair as possible on the ponytail, that will reduce the chances of the hook slipping through your hair.

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band

3. “Wrap the bungee cord around the top of the ponytail and continue to wrapping until the elastic is taut”: If I’m using the whole of my hair, that usually means I wrap the cord twice around my hair.

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band

4. “Finally secure the free hook in your hair”: I secure this hook in front of the bungee cord; for a more firm hold, try securing the hook through the bungee cord.

Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band

I really like the idea of this bungee band and it is indeed very simple and much gentler to my hair because I don’t end up pulling out my hairs when I’m removing it. But, please be careful not to injure yourself on the hooks. I’m not saying that it’s easy to get injured, but I know that when I’m in a hurry, I pretty much throw all precaution away and I end up injuring myself with little contraptions like these. Also, I made the mistake of wrapping it so tight that by the end of the day I had a horrible headache, so bare that in mind as well.

I don’t know if this is the same hair band that Lisa Eldridge wore on her video, but it’s definitely something worth trying. It only costs £3.50 for a pack of five!

What do you think of the Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band? Have you ever tried it or anything like it? Do you prefer it over traditional hair bands?

  • Product: Leo Bancroft Ponytail Bungee Band
  • Price: £3.50 (pack of 5)
  • Availability: exclusive to Tesco stores and online (HERE)

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