Makeup: My Quick Everyday Autumn Face

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Autumn doesn’t officially start for a weeks yet, but living in the UK you get the taste of Autumn quite early on; in fact, we haven’t quite had Summer yet (a handful of sunny days is not Summer!), so this year we’ve pretty much skipped an entire Season! Today I woke up inspired to switch my Summer makeup bag for an Autumn makeup bag and I created this quick look, which features a few touches of ‘Autumn’ such as a slightly darker eye makeup and a more polished finish to the face.

I didn’t have much time to get ready today, so I only used one eyeshadow, but blended differently to get that soft smokey finish. With a flat eyeshadow brush I packed the colour all over the lid, then with a fluffy brush I blended the same eyeshadow softly into my crease, which gave my eyes a bit of dimension and created the illusion of at least two different eyeshadow shades. Like I mentioned before, I had very little time to create this look today, so I totally skipped eyeliner and ended up forgetting to put on mascara. Silly Billy!

For my face, I choose a sharp contoured look paired with a peachy blush on the apples of my cheeks, and for my lips I wore a super moisturising warm pink lipstick. And there you have the finished look!

What do you think of my quick everyday Autumn Face? What will you be changing on your makeup for autumn? Let me know if you have any Autumn tutorial requests and I will try my very best to do it :)

Au revoir!



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