Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Review)

Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Raven 2)

Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Raven 2)*, £17.99 – Beauty Works Online

I’m a ‘hair down’ kind of girl, for sure! But I do admit that some outfits look much better with a ‘half-up/half-down’ do or even an updo hairstyle. Even though I have really long hair, whenever I want to create a pretty updo hairstyle, there never seems to be enough hair for it; so I decided to give ‘clip-in’ buns a go!

Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Raven 2)

This is the Beauty Works Small Braided Bun, a clip-in bun with an intricate braided design, based on celebrity hairstyles. The buns are designed to be quick and easy to apply, saving you time when you’re getting ready for a night out or a fancy party. I have the colour ‘Raven 2’, which is a pretty good colour match for my dark brown hair, but there are a few other colours available as well!

Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Raven 2)

I found the bun super practical to use! I started by gathering all my hair to one side, then I used an elastic band to secure it into a bun. After that, I tucked my own hair bun into the braided bun cup and, using the clips, I fixed the braided bun into the position I wanted.

Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Raven 2)

The built-in clips are quite strong, but I wasn’t 100% sure that they would keep the braided bun plus my own hair bun in place on their own; so I tried to add a few extra hair grips to secure everything together, but that wasn’t an easy task. The grips didn’t seem to go through the netted frame of the braided bun very easily, so instead of ruining the bun altogether, I just left it with the built-in grips and made a mental note to be extra careful not to bounce around too much :)

Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Raven 2)

I love how the braided bun added a classic sophistication to the look; I can definitely see myself venturing more into the world of updos and clip-in buns! This one took me literally 2 minutes to apply and to be honest, I think it looks pretty good :) I really like the size, the style and the colour of the Small Braided Bun, but if you want something more dramatic, you can get the standard size Braided Bun from Beauty Works (HERE).

What do you think of the Beauty Works Small Braided Bun? Have you ever tried any clip-in buns? What are your favourite styles?

  • Product: Beauty Works Small Braided Bun (Raven 2)
  • Price: £17.99
  • Availability: Beauty Works Online
  • Colours: Raven 2, LA Blond and Hot Toffee 4


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