GHD Metallic Collection: Shimmering Silver Gift Set (Review)

GHD Straightener: Shimmering Silver Gift Set

GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set*, £135 – GHD website (free delivery)

GHD Straightener: Metallic Collection Shimmering Silver Review

If there’s a brand that leads the hair straighteners market, without a doubt it’s GHD. It has an established worldwide presence and an incredible amount of loyal fans! I’m one of them; ever since getting my first GHD straighteners over 10 years ago, they have been my favourite styling tool. Today I have something from the GHD Metallic Christmas 2012 Collection to show you guys :)

GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set

It’s the GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set, which comes with a GHD Shimmering Silver Styler and a heat-resistant quilted storage case with heat resistant mat. The styler itself is the GHD Gold V Classic Styler in a shimmery silver metallic finish with sparkly black ceramic plates; it was designed to give a smooth, glossy and shiny finish to the hair.

GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set

The GHD Silver Styler has a very cool safety feature called ‘automatic sleep mode’, so if the styler is left on for more than 30 minutes without use, it will automatically turn itself off. I find that super handy and a great feature for us forgetful people :)

GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set

The other thing I like about this styler is that it has universal voltage. My previous GHD styler required 220-240V, so when I was in Brazil I had to carry a little (but heavy!) transformer with me to be able to use my GHDs at 110V. One day I forgot I was in a 220V area and plugged in my GHDs with the transformer; I ended blowing up a fuse and was unable to use my GHDs. Silly me! Well at least I can be sure this will not happen again; thank you for the universal voltage, GHD :)

GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set

The black quilted case and mat are a lovely addition to the gift set. Many times, when I’m in a hurry I don’t have time to wait for my straighteners to cool down before putting them away, but now I can just put them straight into the heat-resistant case and be done with it. Also, the heat-resistant mat will ensure there will be no more table or carpet burn marks – thank God!

GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set

Performance-wise, the GHD Silver Styler did not let me down. When you turn it on, the styler beeps once and when it’s ready to be used it beeps three times. It took literally no time at all for it to be heated up completely! I straightened my whole head of hair in 15 minutes, which is a record time for me considering the length and the amount of hair I have. The process was easy and required minimum effort; the GHD Silver Styler is very lightweight, so my arms were very grateful for that!

Kim Kardashian Long Fringe

The result? Silky, shiny hair! Check out this page for hair inspiration. My celebrity inspiration for this style was Kim Kardashian’s long fringe parted to one side and silky smooth straight texture of the hair (HERE).

GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set

I couldn’t be happier with these straighteners and I would recommend them to anyone. I know there are so many cheaper straighteners out there, and the GHDs are not cheap, but trust me, it’s worth every penny and your hair will thank you later :) So if you’re thinking about buying one, do it; if you’re thinking you can get something just as good for half the price, you really can’t – just save your pennies and buy GHDs.

What do you think of the new GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set from the Metallic Christmas 2012 Collection? Do you have a pair of GHD straighteners? Let me know :)

  • Product: GHD Shimmering Silver Gift Set
  • Price: £135
  • Availability: GHD website (free delivery)


  • Jennifer Lower

    Ooo, I’ve never seen them in silver before. They look fab. I love my GHDs :) xx

  • Sandra Rytter Jensen

    I have a remington straightener which I got from my boyfriend a long time ago, and I’m really really happy with it actually, but I would love to try out a GHD straightener after reading your review – especially because my hair is so long and curly! s:
    The silver glittery GHD straightener you talk about looks amazing, so girly!

  • Sonia

    Hello Ysis! i was trying to find info about this GHD exclusive in UK and i found your comments! I am trying to decide if order it as my old GHD its not the same as the beginning. How are you doing with this one? still happy? :)

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