Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector (Review and Before & After Photos)

Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector

Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector*, £16.25 – Feelunique || Look Fantastic || Monu

I’m a big believer that a good makeup starts with a good skincare; so if your skin looks healthy, your makeup will look better. I’ve been trying a new product from Monu which is slowly changing my makeup for the better. Do you want know my current skincare secret? Keep reading!

Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector

It’s the Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector, a cream that contains Soft Focus Technology, which helps smooth fine lines, imperfections and adds a hint of natural glow to the skin. The cream is packed full of ingredients to nourish, repair and smooth the skin, including blackcurrant seed oil, bergamot essential oil, vitamins and minerals.

I’ve been trying this product for a little over 2 weeks and I can safely say it’s been pretty good to my skin! Starting with the packaging, Monu Skin Perfector comes in a fancy champagne-coloured plastic tube with silver and green details. The cream comes out white, but after blending in, it disappears into the skin.

Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector

Texture-wise, this is not one of those moisturisers that takes ages to sink into the skin; it only takes a minute or so, and you’re ready to apply your makeup. Even though I have dry skin, I don’t like ultra-moisturising sticky creams, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Monu Skin Perfector is incredibly lightweight and it did not leave my skin feeling grease or sticky.

Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector

Monu claims this cream smooths imperfections and fine lines, which is not something I noticed immediately after applying the product. However, after applying one layer of foundation, I noticed that my skin looked a lot more even, my dry patches around my nose and forehead were completely gone and some fines lines around my mouth weren’t as visible anymore.

Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector

I compared photos of my makeup with and without using the Monu Skin Perfector and I noticed that my dry patches and fine lines were highlighted by the foundation when I didn’t apply the Monu Skin Perfector. In that case, even though I don’t see any results on its own, Monu Skin Perfector must be doing something to make my foundation look so good!

So if you’re looking for a moisturiser/primer to use before applying your makeup, I recommend having a look at the Monu Skin Perfector. Like I said, I can vouch for what it does on dry skin, but I don’t have any experience on oily skin. The cream is extremely lightweight and leaves my skin feeling smooth without being greasy or sticky!

What do you think of the Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector? Have you tried it before? What other similar products would you recommend for both dry and oily skin? :)

  • Product: Monu Line Smoothing Skin Perfector
  • Price: £16.25
  • Availability: Feelunique || Look Fantastic || Monu
  • Awards: Beauty Bible: Anti-Ageing Award Winner

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