FreshLook Colors Green Contact Lenses (Review & Photos)

FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses (Green)

FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses (Green)*, £9.99 (2 lenses per box) – Get Lenses website

I’m a contact lenses wearer; or at least I should be! But I can’t seem to get used to them and I find them ridiculously uncomfortable to wear. So most of the time I walk around seeing blurred faces and shapes, which is not great, but at least I don’t look like I’ve got an eye infection! Anyway, the point of this blog post is to share with you my experience of trying the FreshLook coloured contact lenses, even though I quite like my natural eye colour and I already have a slightly traumatic history with contacts, which may make me a bit biased. I have warned you!

FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses (Green)

The FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses are a range of opaque lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision. You can choose from a range of 6 colours: blue, green, hazel, misty grey, sapphire blue and violet; I have the green ones. Something really useful is that you can also have them made to your prescription specs, so if you already wear glasses or normal contact lenses you can choose to have that added to your coloured lenses.

FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses (Green)

I’m not a huge fan of changing my eye colour; in fact I quite like my natural dark warm brown eyes, but I thought I would give the green lenses a go – if nothing else, I could consider wearing them for Halloween! :) At first, I found them easy enough to apply, but very uncomfortable; remember what I said before about being traumatised? Well, these were just as uncomfortable as my normal prescription lenses, or maybe it’s just me and my very sensitive eyes. I found that if kept my eyes opened they were fine, but if I had to close them, even for a second, the discomfort would increase and my eyes would go red and teary. Again, that may just be my eyes being too sensitive.

FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses (Green)

Colour-wise, when I first looked at myself in the mirror I though ‘Well, don’t I look possessed by some sort of devilish creature?’. I couldn’t seem to get used to it against my skin tone, but after giving it a few minutes it grew on me a bit and I didn’t find it too bad; still quite different, and a bit scary-looking, so I think I’ll stick to my brown eyes :)

FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses (Green)

Overall, I found these lenses just as uncomfortable as my normal lenses, so if you’re ok with wearing contact lenses, these will probably be perfectly comfortable on your eyes. Colour-wise, it’s not for me, but it was good fun trying them on and seeing what I look like with green eyes!

FreshLook Colors Coloured Contact Lenses (Green)

What do you think of me with green eyes? Freakish? Ok-ish? Have you ever tried coloured contact lenses? Let me know :)

  • Product: FreshLook Colors Green Contact Lenses
  • Price: £9.99 (2 lenses per box)
  • Shades: blue, green, hazel, misty grey, sapphire blue and violet
  • Availability: Get Lenses website



    Very honest review, it’s amazing how you can look instantly different with a change of eye colour. They do look quite spooky, might just be the shade of green it is. I found wearing contacts a bit of getting use to but I’m quite comfortable with wearing them now personally xo

  • Jen

    I think they look good on you! And yes, I find these not that comfortable either. But that’s compared to the cls that I normally wear. Which prescription ones do you wear? If you don’t mind me asking. I wear the Oasys which are ridiculously comfortable. If any brands don’t work for you you should consider Lasik if you’re a good candidate for it. You shouldn’t go around blind!

  • coloured contact lenses

    Hey…these lenses totally change your looks & you look so beautiful after wearing it,I know your eyes are already beautiful but these lenses enhance your look.

  • arja

    I think I`ll get them. I have been considering green for a while but I thought on my indian -wheatish sin tone it`ll look horrid. butI might try them now. I have tried honey previously – but they look bad in flash photography.

  • Minkie Martin

    Yes cheap contact lenses are Not good for eyes. contact lenses should be buy from a good store. I have an bad experience using cheap lenses and my eyes got infected. Now I buy online from they are one of old reputative lecenced seller for contact lenses and they have very large variety of contact lenses.

  • Minkie Martin

    Any ways thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures. You have really a beautifyul eyes. I appriciate you for your eforts. Please keep sharing. :)

  • Hello Me

    I think you look great in them. But i agree these lenses are uncomfortable. Everyone I know who wears them walk around with a blurry vision. They actually got used to bad is that even possible? 30 Minutes wearing these and I threw it out. Can’t risk driving on the raod with bad vision now can I? :) on the bright side..i find the colours beautiful..too bad they are so uncomfortable.

  • myeyescolors

    I have also tried these lenses. I totally agree with the truthfulness of the brand name that it provides fresh looks to the eyes. I looked different during the time i wear the contacts. Thanks for introducing such smart contacts.

  • Debvrat Chaturvedi

    Oh my god… i like reading this blog. The pictures are really very nice. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog. Keep sharing.

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