VIDEO: What’s In My Bag?

VIDEO: What's In My Bag? Ebay Faux Leather Satchel in Tan (Mulberry Alexa lookalike)

Ebay Faux Leather Satchel in Tan (Mulberry Alexa lookalike) – HERE

This is a highly requested video, so I decided to do one now that I have a new handbag! If you watched my ‘March Haul’ video (HERE), you will have seen this bag already, if not, I got it from Ebay and I absolutely love it!

It’s a Mulberry Alexa lookalike; the quality is really good, considering it only cost £18, and I would highly recommend the seller. It’s a great size, and there’s a super cute floral pattern on the inside. So until I can justify the price of the original Alexa, this one suits me just fine :)



I hope you enjoyed this little video! If you’ve done a ‘What’s In My Bag’ video or blog post, link them down below so I can see it :)

Au revoir!


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