Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013: My Favourite Blogs!

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Last year, thanks to all you lovely people who voted, Le Beauty Girl was a finalist in the Best New Beauty Blog category of the  Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012; this is definitely one of my Top 5 Blog’s Proudest Moments, and I wrote all about the experience HERE :)

Now it’s time again to nominate your favourite blogs for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013. I would be so happy and honoured if you could take 5 minutes off your busy lives to nominate Le Beauty Girl for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 as ‘Best Established Beauty Blog’fancy me being an ‘established’ blogger now, huh?! I still remember the feeling of writing my very first blog post back in June 2011 about Tinted Moisturisers vs. Foundations; if you’re up a laugh, click HERE to read my rather cringy first blog post. If you like my videos, you can also nominate my YouTube channel in the category ‘Best Beauty Vlog’.

Cosmo Blog Awards

The nomination process is very easy; wherever you are in the world, you can nominate your favourite UK blogs, as may times as you want, all you need is an email address. Click HERE to go to the Nominations page, type the details of the blog or youtuber you want to nominate, along with a few words why you like them, and you’re done. Easy-peasy!

I thought I would share with you my current favourite blogs, which are the ones I will most certainly be nominating for the Cosmo Blog Awards this year. Maybe this list will give you somewhere to start if you’ve only just started reading blogs, or if you’re looking for some new great blogs to follow.


  • The Londoner: Rosie is absolutely stunning, and I love reading about her crazy life adventures. She has a such a fun personality and she seems really lovely and down to earth. If you need some motivation to start working out to get that Summer body, have a look at pictures of her and her friends in a bikini – it never fails to get out of the sofa in a flash!


  • Becky’s Makeup: Becky is the loveliest girl and she puts a lot of hard work into her blog; I always ‘steal’ some blog designing ideas from her, and I absolutely love reading through her ‘Weekend Wishlist’ posts, which is not great for my bank account. I also love the her witty writing style, and the fact that we are quite similar in personality and age, so I can relate to almost everything she writes about.


  • I Covet Thee: Alix’s blog is gorgeous! Her pictures always have this pretty dreamy feel to them and I could happily spend hours perusing through her blog. She’s a bit of a shopaholic like me, so I find her ‘hauls’ really amusing to watch on her YouTube channel; and of course, I always end up with a massive list of ‘Things To Buy’ after looking at her blog.

beauty aesthetic

  • Beauty Aesthetic: Sami and Lisa’s blog is so pretty and informative; I can always tell if a post was written by Sami or Lisa, just by looking at the style writing, which is great because it gives a more dynamic feel to the blog. I met Sami and Lisa at my very first blog event in London nearly 2 years ago, and we got on really well. Unfortunately we don’t get to see each other a lot, as they live in Scotland and I live in England, but I love reading their blog!

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 16.43.59

  • By Celina: Celina lives between Monaco and London – that fact by itself is good enough reason for you to go and check out her blog and drool over her luxurious lifestyle. Her style is impecable, her walk-in closets are to die for, and I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time swooning over the contents of her wardrobe and her extensive collection of designer handbags and shoes. Oh, and she has the cutest pomeranian dog called Linus; I dare you to go to her blog and spend less than half an hour looking through her beautiful photos!


  • The Sunday Girl: In my opinion, Adrianne runs the best review-based beauty blog. Her blog is my go-to blog when I’m looking for honest reviews on a particular product, and she never disappoints me. Her pictures are always clear and from all angles, so you can really see the products well. She has a very professional style of writing, whilst still putting plenty of her personality in her blog posts. Her blog is a must-read before buying any beauty products!

header 3

  • Dizzybrunette3: I’ve been following Corrie’s blog for a really long time now, and it’s still one of the first ones I read when I open my Bloglovin feed; she’s gorgeous, her hair is long and luscious, and I love her bubbly personality and fun style of writing. She has an amazing sense of fashion, and everything she wears looks great on her. We have a similar olive skin tone, so I love reading her reviews and getting product recommendations from her!

So there you have my current favourite blogs! I will be nominating all of these lovely ladies at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013! I hope you’ve found new blogs to read, or if you already read them, let me know on the comments below :)

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