Say Good-Bye to Fallout and Smudges: Elf Mascara & Shadow Shield

Elf Mascara & Shadow Shield*, £3.75 – Elf UK (HERE) || Elf US (HERE)

Do you know when you’re applying that gorgeous eyeshadow and you get so much product fallout, that it ruins your under eye concealer? Or when you’re nearly done with your makeup and your mascara decides to smudge all over the place? Well, I think I’ve found something that will make application process a lot easier!

Elf Mascara & Shadow Shield

It’s the Elf Mascara & Shadow Shield, a silicon shield shaped to fit under or over both eyes with a handle attached for ease of use. The shield is reusable, washable, flexible and reversible; when placed under the eye, it shields your skin from eyeshadow fallout, and when placed over the eye, it prevents your mascara from smudging on your eyelids.

Elf Mascara & Shadow Shield

It may be a bit of a gimmick, but it works and it can save your precious time trying to fix makeup mistakes. I recommend this if you get a lot of fallout from your eyeshadows and you fell like you have to re-apply your concealer after you’ve finished your eye makeup. Overall, a great little gadget for under £4 that gets a big thumbs up from me!

Elf Mascara & Shadow Shield

  • Product: Elf Mascara & Shadow Shield
  • Price: £3.75
  • Where: Elf UK (HERE) || Elf US (HERE)

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