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My ‘Tag’ videos and blog posts are amongst my most popular blog posts & videos ever! There’s something about people’s lives that makes it all that much more interesting to read and watch; at least I think so! Even though I’ve never done daily vlogs, I can’t stop watching other people’s vlogs, and I love ‘getting to know’ the people behind the blogs & vlogs. Well, despite the long intro, this post is to very succinctly let you know I’ve posted a new video where I answer 40 questions, all beauty related!

The reason why I liked this tag, is because it covers the most asked questions about my skincare and makeup, like what moisturiser I use, what’s my favourite blush, which celebrities inspire my makeup looks the most, etc. Even though my favourite products are a reflection of my taste now, all the products I featured on the video have been thoroughly tried, tested and approved.


If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it

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