The Playsuits & Jumpsuits Dilemma


I have a ‘thing’ for playsuits and jumpsuits; they always find their way into my shopping basket and whenever I’m browsing online, I fall in love with hundreds of them! Today I thought I’d show you the playsuits and jumpsuits that are currently in my shopping basket. Actually, this is more of a plea for help; without your help, I may end up in the doghouse when my husband sees the damage I’ve done to our credit card… you wouldn’t want me to go to the doghouse, would you? Well then, help me choose 1 playsuit and 1 jumpsuit only! :)

The Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a bit more dressy, and I’ll get a lot of use out of them during the colder months. These are the styles that I think will be most flattering on my body shape. My most favourite is the Missguided one at the bottom left rowso insanely gorgeous! :)

The Playsuits

Playsuits are so versatile and cute; they are more summery, but I can still wear them with tights during the winter. I like the fitted ones at the top and floaty at the bottom as they are more ‘forgiving’ on the hips area. There’s one that stood out the most for me, and that’s the far right from the second rowO-M-G!

Aren’t they all to die-for?! I want them all! So, can you help me choose one of each? Which playsuit and which jumpsuit you think I should buy. Thanks, guys! :)

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