Real Techniques Brushes Dupes from Ebay

Real Techniques Dupes Ebay

Real Techniques Brushes Dupes from Ebay, £12.99, Ebay

Word travels fast on the beauty blogosphere, especially word about the latest and unmissable Ebay bargains! When we hear someone mention ‘dupe’, it’s almost impossible to resist buying that item; after all, we must check the veracity of those claims, mustn’t we? It’s our duty!

Last week I saw these brushes on Kayleigh’s blog and within 2 minutes of reading her blog post, these babies made their way to the checkout with me. I’m a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes, as you may have seen from my Brush Collection video, and the similarities between them and these Ebay brushes are definitely not a coincidence. Priced at £12.99 for 5 brushes, I just couldn’t resist, so here are my thoughts on these brushes.

Real Techniques Dupes Ebay

First of all, the seller is UK-based and the brushes arrived in 4 days. The set comes with 5 face brushes and they are available in a few different colours, including gold and bright pink, which were both much too similar to the Real Techniques brushes, so I chose the blue ones instead. There’s no denying these were ‘inspired’ by Real Techniques brushes; even the black rubber bottom is the same! But at close inspection you can definitely tell they are different.

The Ebay brushes don’t have a name, so I’ve numbered and named them myself to make it easier to refer to them. From left to right on the picture below: 1 – tapered, 2 – rounded, 3 – duo fibre, 4 – angled, 5 – flat. I was surprised at how soft and dense they all were; they have cruelty-free elastic bristles and they are the same height as the Real Techniques brushes.

Real Techniques Dupes Ebay

There are a couple of brushes that are pretty similar to the RT brushes. The Duo Fibre brush (3) looks a lot like the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, just slightly wider and taller, and it’s perfect to apply cream blushers; it’s actually almost identical to the MAC 187 brush. I’d say the RT Stippling brush has firmer and denser bristles, whereas the Duo Fibre bristles are softer and more flexible.

The Flat brush (5) is comparable to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, as they are both firm and dense, but the RT one has shorter bristles and more rounded edges. You might think the Rounded brush (2) is more similar to the RT Buffing Brush, but I think it’s too rounded and too small to be used as a buffing brush; you’re better off using the Rounded brush to set powder on your face. The Flat brush is actually almost a copy of the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush and would be great to apply liquid foundation.

Real Techniques Dupes Ebay

The Tapered brush (1) is my favourite of the bunch; it’s the perfect shape to blend concealer and foundation on trickier areas of the face, such as under the eye and around the nose. I don’t have any other brushes like this one in my collection, so that was a bonus!

The Angled brush (4) was the one I was looking forward to the most, as I thought I’d be using it to finally nail the contouring technique, but I think the brush is just a little bit too big for my face and I wouldn’t be able to get a precise contour with it. I will still use it for a softer bronzed look, but not for contouring.

Real Techniques Dupes Ebay

Overall I‘m very happy with the quality of these brushes; I don’t think they are dupes for the Real Techniques brushes, more like ‘inspired’ by them. Of course RT brushes are better quality, but you’re paying a price for that quality. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these Ebay brushes, and I found them to be better than some branded brushes I’ve bought on the High Street! At £12.99 for 5 good quality brushes, this set is pretty much irresistible and would be a great Christmas present to any makeup lovers out there.

Make sure to read Kayleigh’s great blog post as well, and tell her I said she’s a total enabler! :)

  • Product: Affordable Makeup Brushes Real Techniques Inspired from Ebay
  • Price: £12.99
  • Where: Ebay


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