What I Wore: Winter Warmer

F&F Glitter Thread Dolly Coat

Coat: F&F* || Jumper: ASOS || Leggings: Zara || Boots: F&F (similar)

The best coats for my body shape and height are top half fitted and with a slightly flared skirt; nothing too wide, but just enough to forge that hourglass shape. The F&F Limited Edition Glitter Thread Dolly Coat* is a great example of this! It has double-breasted buttons down to the waist and a 60’s inspired skirt cut, which makes this coat very flattering and comfortable to wear.

F&F Glitter Thread Dolly Coat

It has a cute Peter Pan collar, but I kind of prefer to wear it slightly open, and maybe even put the collar up to keep my neck warm. I went for the smallest size they do, which is a size 8, but I sort of wish they made this in a size 6 because it’s just a tiny little bit too long on me.

F&F Glitter Thread Dolly Coat

Being petite means that I have to keep as much of my legs exposed as possible to give the illusion of being taller, so when it comes to dresses, skirts and coats, I don’t tend to go for anything too close to my knees, and this coat is just about on the limit of how low I would go.

F&F Glitter Thread Dolly Coat

The design is one of my favourite things about this coat! It’s made of a textured material in a black & white plaid pattern with black glitter thread running through. The rest of my outfit is very simple; my metallic blueish green sparkly jumper is from ASOS (currently not in stock), my leggings are from Zara – which, by the way are currently my most worn item in my entire wardrobe – and my boots are also from F&F and they are simple ankle boots with a little bit of a heel and a zip on the side.

F&F Glitter Thread Dolly Coat

What do you guys think of my Winter Warmer outfit? I’m definitely missing a scarf or a hat there, right? Where do you normally buy your Winter coats?

F&F Limited Edition Glitter Thread Dolly Coat*

ASOS Metallic Jumper with Zip Back

Zara Zip Leggings

F&F Ankle Boots (similar)


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