Black & Gold Double Liner: Take 2

Black and Gold Double Liner

A couple of years ago I posted a ridiculously simple tutorial on how to create a double winged cat eye. Actually, it wasn’t really a tutorial, it was more of a ‘hey, look what I can do!’ kind of blog post; it was meant to serve as inspiration to other people, but I ended up inspiring myself to recreate this look again, nearly 2 years later. How does one inspire oneself?! Crazy!

Black and Gold Double Liner

I was playing around with my makeup whilst watching Modern Family on Netflix – which by the way, I’m addicted to and you should all watch it! – and suddenly I saw myself reaching for the Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner; it turns out I drew the most precise cat eye flick in months! So I was feeling pretty proud of myself, and out of nowhere my hand reached for the Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in #3 Funk, the same gold glitter eyeliner I used to create my Black & Gold Double Liner look in 2012. The challenge was set: If I could do it then, I can do it now! So I rested my elbow on my dressing table, lowered my mirror, and slowly started to draw a gold glitter line parallel to the black liner.

Black and Gold Double Liner

Well, what do you know… I still have it! I did it :) It wasn’t as easy as I remembered it, but I still managed without any major incidents. If you want to know how do this in more detail, read my Black & Gold Double Liner blog post, as I take you through the quite self-explanatory steps of creating a double liner look. If you think you got it covered, it’s still worth checking out the pictures on my older post and comparing how much younger I looked 2 years ago, and how much better I can fill in my eyebrows now! :)

Black and Gold Double Liner

What makeup trends are inspiring you right now?

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