Outfit: Lipsy Pleated Shift Dress

Lipsy Pleated Shift Dress and L.K. Bennett Sledge Shoes

Lipsy Pleated Shift Dress* in Navy
L.K. Bennett Sledge Patent Leather Platform Court Shoe in Off-White

I’m officially bored of Winter. Seriously, rain everyday, bitterly cold outside and no snow? You’ve got to be kidding me! Anyway, I’ve taken 2 steps towards Spring/Summer; first, I’ve abolished the fleece-lined tights (right, it might be a bit too early for that, but I don’t care – they’ve had it!), and second, I made my way to the sleeveless dresses section when shopping, which led me to the discovery that my arms are as grey as grey can be – bugger!

Lipsy Pleated Shift Dress and L.K. Bennett Sledge Shoes

Whist following the second step I mentioned above, this Lipsy Pleated Shift Dress in Navy instantly caught my eye. It’s just so elegant, structured and flattering – right up my street! This is the kind of dress I would wear to attend a wedding, a graduation, or a smart dinner party; basically I’d wear it to any events from smart casual to formal! When I saw the model wearing it on the Lipsy website, the dress came down just below her thighs, so it seemed like the perfect length. However, I forgot the small detail that she’s 9 inches taller than me, so the dress falls exactly on my knees. I have to admit that I never liked the whole midi-dress trend; technically this isn’t a midi dress, but it’s on the verge of being midi on my petit-self, so I thought I’d absolutely hate it… but I really really love it!

Lipsy Pleated Shift Dress and L.K. Bennett Sledge Shoes

I’m all about dressing to flatter my figure, and despite this dress being a bit longer than what I’m normally used to, I don’t think it makes me look too short; it’s actually quite a nice formal length and I can see me wearing this dress a lot for smarter occasions. I love the cap sleeves as they can hide my bra straps, but if you’re comfortable going bra-less, you don’t need a bra with this dress – it houses the girls quite nicely and safely! My favourite part is the pleated detail at the front, which perfectly disguises any unpleasantries around the waist and the hips. It has an exposed zip on the back, but that doesn’t take away the smartness of the dress. It’s such a gorgeous dress and I can’t wait to wear it when the wear improves a bit. Now it’s time to get tanning those arms and legs ready for Spring!

What do you think of this dress? Are you Spring/Summer shopping already like me? Check out some more gorgeous dresses from Lipsy here!

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