The Camouflage Company Makeup Bag (Review & Video)

Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

The Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set, £29
Where to buy: QVC

I’m one of those people who like to carry their entire makeup collection in a wash bag when going away somewhere; honestly, you never know what might happen! What if I really need that very specific metallic green-ish gold eyeshadow or a nude-peach-coral-pink lipstick, and I don’t have it?! Disaster! Seriously now, I’m not that bad but I do have a tendency to overpack, so my travel makeup bags need to be compact but expandable and very well sectioned; I also throw in some brownie points for prettiness! :)


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The Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set is decorated with this gorgeous royal blue and white china pattern and it’s made from polyester, which makes it water-resistant and very easy to clean spillage or even a loose pigment disaster! Open the main bag to reveal two smaller bags that can be used separately or fit inside the bigger bag. This is heaven for all you obsessively organised people out there! Before I say anything else, I strongly recommend you watch the video above for a quick overview of the bag, to see what I can fit inside it, and the makeup I carry with me for a weekend trip! PS. How gorgeous is this lipstick I’m wearing?! I’m obsessed!

Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

The bigger bag opens fully wide, and it has two zipped compartments where you can keep all your makeup protected and organised; I absolutely love this, as it means nothing will go flying straight to the floor when you open the bag. The zipped compartments are deceptively big, so you can fit a heck of a lot of makeup in there!

Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

The medium size bag closes flat with poppers and the zipped compartments on each size have a clear plastic front, so it’s perfect for storing makeup brushes, as you can locate and pick exactly which brush you need. We’re talking ‘first world’ essentials here, people!

Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

The smaller bag looks like a pencil case and it’s small enough to fit in your handbag, so you could just use this one on its own for your daily makeup needs; I like to keep my skincare products in there when I travel.

Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

I adore this Camouflage Company Makeup Bag Set as it keeps all my cosmetics organised when I travel, and it has proven incredibly useful to me. Funny story: last week I decided to sleep 15 extra minutes instead of doing makeup, so having this makeup bag made the task of doing my makeup in the car so much easier! All spillage was contained within the bag and not on the passenger seat of our new car, avoiding the dreaded husband rage. Phew!

Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

If you want to see what I carry in my makeup bag for a weekend trip, click here to watch the video. What do you think of the Camouflage Company Cosmetic Bag Set?

  • Product: The Camouflage Company 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set
  • Price: £29
  • Where: QVC

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