Haircare Routine Step by Step & Demo (Updated!)

Haircare Routine Step By Step Demo

It was about time I updated you on my haircare routine! Since my last update, so much has changed. I think I even had long hair when I last wrote about the products I use on a daily basis on my hair! If you follow me on Instagram (@lebeautygirl), you will know that a couple of weeks ago I had my ombre highlights and my Brazilian Blowdry treatment re-done. I won’t go into detail here because I want you all to watch the video, but I have clips showing you pretty much step-by step! So click the play button below and I’ll see you back here in about 15 minutes…


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Finished? What do you think? I really love the way my hair looks now in terms of colour, general appearance and health! All the products I mentioned on the video are truly loved by me and they all play an important part in making my hair as shiny and as smooth as it can be. If I wore to narrow it down, I’d say the Aussie shampoo, conditioner & deep treatment are probably the ones that turn my ordinary hair into super swishy and soft hair!

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