Introducing eBay Collections

eBay Collections

eBay Collections

One of my favourite websites ever is Pinterest; I could literally spend an entire day browsing through pretty images and drooling over the most perfect bedrooms & offices! A few days ago, eBay launched its Pinterest-like feature, which is available to all eBay users; meet eBay Collections!

eBay Collections

eBay Collections is an eBay-addict’s dream come true. Instead of favouriting your eBay finds into folders that you will never find again in your computer, you can now keep everything organised in your eBay Collections. Much like Pinterest boards, you can create lots of different collections with whatever theme you fancy! And it’s easy-peasy as well; when you’re on the eBay page of the product you want to save, there’s an ‘Add to Collection’ button right under the ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Place a Bid’ button.

eBay Collections

I think this is a great way to keep track of the little gems you find on eBay. The whole thing is extremely interactive, so you can follow Collections created by other people, and you can add products from their Collection into one of your Collections – this is a bit like the Repin feature on Pinterest, and I’ve discovered some really cool products like this!

eBay Collections

To help promote this new feature from eBay I went ahead and created 12 collections; you can follow my Collections here. I must admit I’m not the most creative of girls for coming up with clever and quirky titles, so it took me a while to think of fun themes for my Collections, but I’m actually really happy with how they turned out! I’ve been adding new things to the collections every other day, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. I found it very easy, intuitive and well explained.

eBay Collections

I think all of you eBay shoppers out there will find this feature extremely useful! I like to add a mixture of things I’m planning to buy soon and a couple of things that I’ll never be able to afford – a girl can dream, right? :) If you create you own eBay collections, leave the links to your collections below so I can check them out and follow you guys!

eBay Collections

My favourite collection that I created is the Pretty in Pink – how cute is that pink Makeup Brushes Kit?! Which one of my eBay Collections did you like best? :)

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