The Oscars 2014: Red Carpet Hair & Makeup


Ready for Part 2 of my Oscars Red Carpet extravaganza? :) If you missed Part 1, click here to read all about the Fashion at the Oscars 2014 Red Carpet. As a beauty blogger, I take a lot of inspiration from the Red Carpet hair & makeup trends; of course, only in my dreams could I pull off some of the looks the celebs choose, but still, most of the hair & makeup at the Red Carpet is doable and wearable. Every year I divide them into categories: the disasters, the adventurous, the nudes, the smokeys and the red lipped. If someone didn’t make the cut, don’t take it personally – it wasn’t you, it was the lack of high-resolution images of you, dear! Don’t forget to check out my dedicated Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Pinterest board  for more pictures. Now let’s have a little look at the all important pics! :)

Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Amy-Adams Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Angelina-Jolie Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Anna-Kendrick Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Anne-Hathaway Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Camila-Alves Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Cate-Blanchett Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Charlize-Theron Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Chrissy-Teigen Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Cristin-Milioti Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Emma-Watson Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Indina-Menzel Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Jenna-Dewan Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Jennifer-Garner Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Jennifer-Lawrence Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Jessica-Biel Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Julia-Roberts Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Kate-Hudson Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Kerry-Washington Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Kristen-Bell Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Louise-Roe Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Lupita-Nyongo Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Margot-Robbie Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Maria-Menounos Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Naomi-Watts Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Olivia-Wilde Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Penelope-Cruz Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Sandra-Bullock Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Makeup-Viola-Davis

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Hair & Makeup Trends

  • Lash Out: This was the Oscars of the false lashes! As far as I can tell, every single woman was wearing some kind of fake lashes, even if it just a couple of individual lashes at the outer corner to add a flirty vibe to the look. The ones with the most envious lashes in my opinion were Jenna Dewan, Cate Blanchett  & Angelina Jolie.
  • Pixie Fever: I was surprised to see the amount of A-list celebs that have adopted the super short hair look – it’s a trend, people; prepare your scissors! I personally wouldn’t suit a pixie cut, but I thought Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron & Jennifer Lawrence absolutely nailed it. They looked as stunning as ever!
  • All About Nude: If you’re going to bet on any makeup trends for the Red Carpet, bet on nude lips. It never fails! This year was no different, and many celebrities opted for peach, pink & brown nudes. My favourites were Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Garner & Cate Blanchett.
  • Smile & Wave: Soft & bouncy and very defined waves made a strong appearance at the Oscars this year. I love this trend! I think it looks chic, sexy and very Red Carpet-ish! The ones with the most gorgeous wavy locks in my opinion were Margot Robbie, Kate Hudson, & Cate Blanchett.
  • The Bolder The Better: It’s absolutely guaranteed that a handful of ladies will sport the red lip or the super bright lip look. This year, however, we saw a wider range of dark lip shades on the Red Carpet. I think Margot Robbie, Kerry Washington & Emma Watson wore it best.

To see more pictures, go to my Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Pinterst board. Now it’s your turn to vote! Which 3 had the best hair & makeup in your opinion? My top 3 for makeup are Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett & Kate Hudson, and for hair, my top 3 are Maria Menounos, Margot Robbie & Kate Hudson. If you can’t tell it by now, my overall favourites were Kate Hudson, Maria Menounos & Cate Blanchett.

Thank you for sticking with me through this Oscar Red Carpet madness! I’ve put more hours into these 2 blog posts than I care to admit. I hope you guys liked it :)

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  • Sandra Rytter Jensen

    This was just as difficult as choosing my top 3 dresses. But for hair, my faves are: Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie and Maria Menounos. For makeup they are: Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett and Maria Menounos. Maria Menounos is my all time favorite this time!

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