Living Abroad Tag & FAQ

Living Abroad Tag Questions & FAQ

I decided to start making ‘chatty’ videos once a month or so, and talk about non-beauty things. My first chatty video is about my experience living abroad; in case you you’re new here on my blog, I am originally from Brazil, but I moved to London about 5 years ago. I get so many questions about my life in the UK from Brazilians and people from all over the world, so I found a tag online with lots of good questions, which was originally in Portuguese, and I translated it into English. I also added a few things that people have asked me by email, but if there’s anything else you want to know, feel free to leave me a comment below :)


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I’ll leave all the questions below in case you want to do this tag. I think it’s a great way to share your experiences of living in another country and maybe help someone who’s thinking of moving abroad. I found this tag on Flávia Calina’s channel, so you can watch her doing this tag in Portuguese here.

I really hope you liked this video, so don’t forget to let me know if you like my chatty videos or whether you want me to just stick to beauty :)

Living Abroad Tag Questions

1. What’s your name?
2. Which country do you live in?
3. Do you live alone or with your family?
4. How long have you lived there?
5. Have you ever lived in another country? Which one?
6. How old are you?
7. Why did you decide to move abroad?
8. Was it hard do get a residence permit/visas?
9. What was the worst experience you’ve had there?
10. Tells us about a tourist attraction/sightseeing place you like and talk a little bit about it.
11. Do you speak the local language? Do you think it’s important to learn it?
12. What do you think about the country you live in? How well do they receive foreigners?
13. Do you miss your family?
14. What products from your home country do you miss the most?
15. What are your plans for the future? Do you want to live there forever?
16. What’s something you use everyday where you live that you think your home country should also have?
17. What suggestions or tips would you give to someone who wants to live in this country?
18. If you could describe in one word your experience in this country, what would it be?

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  • Lilly

    This was so lovely. I moved from Italy to the USA to marry my husband, who is American, and I can relate to all the things you mentioned. I love this country, but some days I really wish that I could wake up in Italy and go to have pizza ;) Also, I miss telling jokes in my language and make people laugh! People in the USA have a very different sense of humor.
    It was nice to learn a bit more about your experience! xx

  • Babi Lopes


    Adorei o que você disse a respeito dos vistos e sobre o tratamento dado aos estrangeiros. Também tenho o ILR e senti a mesma coisa, um processo que muitas vezes é humilhante, né? Quase tive um filho pelo umbigo de tanto stress, tanta preocupação, tanto detalhe. Eu chorava rios achando que não ia conseguir! Até entendo o porquê de tanto detalhe – entendo mesmo, mas ainda acho que não há motivos para generalizar todo estrangeiro como se todos fossem criminosos que quisessem passar a perna no sistema. Eu trabalho igual burro no sol, pago meus impostos, contribuo e vivo em sociedade, nunca cometi nenhum crime então não vejo o motivo desse povo querer saber até do meu tataravô toda vez que eu volto de viagem na fila da imigração.

    Acho que essa é a ÚNICA reclamação que eu tenho pra fazer daqui, a minha única experiência ruim. Fora o povo da Border Agency, esse país/cidade me recebeu extremamente bem e eu não consigo me imaginar morando em outro lugar! Londrinha <3

    Beijim :*

    • Le Beauty Girl

      Oi Babi,

      Que comentário legal. Adorei saber como você pensa, pois penso parecido também.

      Este processo de visto me irrita porque, como você disse, eles nos tratam se fôssemos todos iguais, e aí é quando vira injustiça. Todo mundo é número para eles – não querem nem saber de nada subjetivo.

      Eu também entendo perfeitamente o processo de rigidez da UKBA, mas acredito que um pouco de subjetivismo não mata. Acho até bom pois evita generalizações e discriminação.

      Me senti tão pra baixo neste processo de aplicar para o visto; nunca fui tratada como criminosa ou fraudulenta em toda a minha vida, e aqui, num país estrangeiro, tive aturar isto. É humilhante demais!

      Faço tudo certinho, estou totalmente integrada na cultura e sociedade, e não tenho uma palavra ruim para dizer no Reino Unido e das pessoas daqui. Ser tratada daquele jeito realmente não foi legal! Mas sei que não era nada pessoal; eles fazem isto com todo mundo – só não sei se isto é pior ou melhor do que se fosse só comigo!

      Assim como você, esta também a minha única reclamação. De resto, é amor :)

      Obrigadíssima por comentar! Beijão :)

  • Rachel Brooks

    Hi Ysis,
    Really enjoyed this video – very interesting to hear of your experiences. Your English is superb by the way…better than a lot of English people! LOL ;)

  • Sandra Jensen

    Oh my god, I’ve always pronounced your name pretty much like “eye-sis”, embarrasing haha :i This video was really helpful! Although Denmark is such a great country to live in, my boyfriend and I consider moving to the UK after we graduate. So I have a few more questions which I hope you don’t mind answering:
    01: Where in the UK would you say is a nice place to live?
    02: I don’t know anyone in the UK and fear I’d feel awfully lonely. What did you do to meet new people over there?
    03: How did you become so good at english?! Did you take any lessons?

    • Le Beauty Girl

      Hehe, you can still pronounce Eye-Sis – I don’t mind! :) I’m glad the video was helpful! :)

      Making the move abroad is always hard, but if you do decide to move, I think you will love the UK! Here are the answers to your questions:

      01: It depends on your lifestyle; if you like living in a busy place with lots to do and lots happening, then London is the place to be. I lived in West London for a long time and I found it to be really nice and ‘calm’ for London. I like Hammersmith and Fulham. But if you want to live somewhere more peaceful, then you should consider living in beautiful English countryside – Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire both have amazing residential areas. You can go as far into the country as you want, it all depends on how close to London you need to be.

      02: That’s something I still struggle with nowadays. I’m a very private person (ironically!) and I don’t make true friends very easily, so I only have very few people here that I’m close to. I often feel lonely, but I just have to remember how lucky I am and how amazing my life is with the people I have in it :) Meeting new people will be easier if you’re coming here to study or if you work in an office. Otherwise, joining a gym is also a good idea to meet new people! :)

      03: I studied English in Brazil and I learnt a lot of grammar there, but I think I only learnt how to speak properly once I started travelling here on holiday. You won’t believe how easy you pick up things when you’re immersed in the culture. Also, I used to watch American and British TV shows 24/7 at home, learn the lyrics of songs in English and translate them, so I guess being a bit obsessed with the language helped :)

      I’m thinking of writing a blog post on how I became fluent in English, but do let me know if I can help you with anything else :) x

      • Sandra Jensen

        Thank you so much for answering so thoroughly Ysis! This helped me out tons :) I would still love to read a blog post on how you became fluent in English though. it’s a great idea. x

  • Angel Ivan Hair

    Amazing video amore. I AGREE 100% with everything you said, My trauma was the Visa stuation as well, OMG I miss cuscuz so much as well. hehhe, Love selfridges as well. OMG your words are my words.
    Great videoooo. xxx

    • Le Beauty Girl

      Oi Melissa, eu assisti ao seu video e adorei! Preciso ir a Birmingham; acredita que ainda não conheço? Quando eu estiver por aí te mando uma mensagem para nos conhecermos, ok?

      Beijão e obrigada por colocar um link para o meu blog no seu vídeo!

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