My Perfect Imperfections Tag & Self-Acceptance Chat

My Perfect Imperfections Tag and Self Acceptance Chit Chat

I think the ‘My Perfect Imperfections Tag‘ has been around on YouTube for a long time, but it’s recently come back into the scene and I really enjoyed watching Kaushal, Anchal and Rupinder do this. If you don’t know what this tag is about, you basically talk about your 3 imperfections (things you don’t like about yourself) and your 3 perfections (things you like about yourself). This tag is a great way for you guys to see a different side of me, and know that you’re not alone – we all have things we like and don’t like about ourselves, and I’m not an exception. But all that really matters is to know that our imperfections don’t define us, neither do our perfections – we’re the whole package! :)

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On the video above I talk about how it’s taken me a long time to accept that there will always be things about myself that I wish were different, and if I spend any time feeling sad or worrying about them, that’s time I’ve wasted not being happy. As I said, I wasn’t always this self-accepting; until a few years ago, I used to spend so much time moaning about that fact that my nose was too big, my hair was too curly, my boobs were too big, I wasn’t tall enough… the list was endless. Although some days I still look in the mirror and I don’t necessarily love everything I see, I accept me for who I am – there’s just no point in not doing so!

I don’t want you to think that my appearance is the most important thing about myself, because it most definitely isn’t, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t matter. Of course I care about the way I look, but I’ve learned to not let my ‘imperfections’ define me or ruin my day! I hope you liked this video, which is a little bit different from my usual beauty videos, but I kind of feel like this might be helpful to some of you out there. I was thinking of doing more chatty videos on topics like my experience living in the UK, married life, studying abroad, life in Brazil… let me know if that’s something you would be interested in seeing!

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  • Estrella

    Wonderful video! I also have chubby arms & a bigger chest (in proportion to my body). It’s hard to shop for clothes here in Madrid because if something fits my waist well, it doesn’t fit my chest or arms that well. But like you, as I got older I’ve accepted it for what is and just try to play up the parts of my body I do like.

    • Le Beauty Girl

      I totally feel your pain! :) I’m glad we’ve both chosen to accept our chubby arms and big chest situation! Nothing we can do about it, so we might as well learn to love them :) xx

  • Mousumee Agnieszka

    perfect video! since i got married last month, i’d love to see you make a video on married life. needless to say, you are sure to make it a fun watch! xx

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