My Week in Pictures (21 – 27 April 2014)

My Week in Pictures 21 April 14


We did not want to leave St. Ives on Easter Monday, especially because the rest of our family was staying there for another week. But unfortunately we couldn’t stay, so we braved the motorway on one the busiest days of the year for travellers. Big mistake! What should have been a 5-hour journey, ended up being over 8 hours long! Needless to say we were absolutely exhausted when we got home, and I’m ashamed to say I resorted to the good old face wipes to remove my makeup before bed – naughty me! I blogged about What Makes Me Smile :)

My Week in Pictures 21 April 14


With the help of the lovely Faye, my blog got a little makeover and I set myself the task of creating Product Directory and Archives pages for my blog. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. This was just the start of my 3-day HTML/admin marathon… We also forgot to do our food shopping for the week, so the only thing left to eat at home was bread and jam, which I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can already see the disappointment in my mum’s face – sorry mum! I blogged about My Week In Pictures (14 – 20 April 2014)

My Week in Pictures 21 April 14


Carrying on from yesterday’s mission, I got bored with working in my office/dressing room, so I took my work into the kitchen and enjoyed spending time with our plants. I tuned on to ‘Heart‘, my favourite radio station, and had one of the most productive ‘admin’ days ever! I then moved on to the sofa and invited the Kardashians into my living room. Why did I ever stop watching KUWTK? So much entertainment. I blogged about… nothing. Sorry! :(

My Week in Pictures 21 April 14


Fuelled by lots of wine (one glass, actually) and an overdose of Friends I managed to finish my blog’s redesign – hooray! Not much else to report, apart from the fact that I was very happy with all your responses to my blog’s new design and features :) I blogged about my Blog’s New Features

My Week in Pictures 21 April 14


My new passport arrived and I had a sudden ‘I must visit my Brazilian family’ moment, which led to a bit of sadness knowing that they’re so far away and that’s when I decided to film some videos to cheer myself up. Luckily, I was having a really #GoodHairDay, which definitely improved my mood, and I ended up filming a couple of videos, one of them being about my experiences living abroad (coming soon!). I blogged about Airbrushed Complexion with Dior Airflash Foundation

My Week in Pictures 21 April 14


Saturday is generally my blogging day off, but since I kind of fell of the bandwagon on Wednesday, I decided I needed to do some work. Also, on Saturdays, the roles usually reverse in my household and my husband takes care of the cooking. Nothing sexier than a man who can cook, right? :) We had Mussels for starters, Salmon for main and Milkybar Minis for dessert. Delish! We’re also catching up on the last series of Dexter, which is just absolutely amazing at the moment!

My Week in Pictures 21 April 14


Not much happened this Sunday, as we decided to have a relaxing day in – we have a pretty busy week ahead of us and an even busier weekend! I edited last night’s video, which was my April Favourites, and had a day of taking blog photos and writing my work schedule for the coming week. This makes me feel so productive – I really do think planning blog posts motivates me to keep blogging consistently! Now here’s a little selfie appreciation moment for you: love how my hair & makeup came together on this photo! :) We finished the week with another episode of Dexter, a phone call to my mum and warm snuggles on the sofa. I blogged about April Favourites: Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

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  • LucianaP

    Hi! I ran my eyes through the weekdays and now I’ll read more carefully but I had to post this comment quickly (LOL): bread+butter+jam+milk+coffee = Love! And can’t wait for the video on living abroad: my childhood dream -> to work as a secretary (na secretaria da escola) for Cambridge University or any other learning center in England..thing is: I’m too old (40 in August) to apply and have no clue how to do it/what skills are required :(

    • Le Beauty Girl

      Hehe, loved your comment!
      The living abroad video is now live :) And it’s never to late to pursue your dreams. Take small steps towards your goals and don’t let the whole thing scare you. Good luck, Luciana! xx

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