Vlog: Day Trip to Chelmsford!

Vlog Chelmsford

A few days ago my husband Matthew took me on a last minute day trip to Chelmsford in Essex. We’d never been there before and he had some work-related things to do, so I thought I’d tag along and take you guys with us for the journey! :)


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It’s only a short little vlog because I’m terribly self-conscious of vlogging in public places. I know I shouldn’t care if other people are staring, but I do, and that’s why I was talking so quietly. Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching it; the day started off overcast but then the sun came out and it was pretty awesome! We thoroughly enjoyed Chelmsford and we’ll definitely come back.

It was extremely hard persuading Matthew to let me show him in this vlog, even if was just the side of his face or his shoes! So if you guys want to see more of him in other vlogs, help me out by giving this video a thumbs up and comment below! :)

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  • Megan Capon

    Well done you said Chelmsford right haha, I work in Chelmsford and even though it’s a city, there really isn’t much to do here haha!


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