What Makes Me Smile

What Makes Me Smile

Last night I posted this video on my Instagram which compiles all the things that make me smile! Granted, there are days when I feel a bit down, but I’m an eternal optimist and I always see the bright side of things. That’s a personality trait of mine that I hope never changes because not a day goes by that I can’t think of something good about my life, and part of being an optimist is constantly reminding myself of what makes me smile! So here’s a brief list of the things that make me smile and bring happiness into my life:

  • Brazil and its wonderful natural beauty
  • My wedding dress
  • A well-cooked medium rare steak
  • Good hair days
  • When my dressing room is tidy
  • My handsome husband
  • Sunbathing in the garden
  • My very first Mulberry bag
  • Cats in general
  • My precious family
  • An unexpected nap
  • Taking pretty photos
  • Brand new bedding
  • Going on cruise holidays
  • Thinking about my perfect wedding day

I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people and things in my life – I am literally the luckiest girl alive! I would love to know the things that make YOU smile, and what are your tips for living a happy life in general! :)

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