My Week in Pictures (28 April – 04 May 2014)

My Week in Pictures 28 April 4 May 2014


I got the Monday fitness-bug and started off the day with a session of the 30 Day Shred, which absolutely killed me and left me looking like a hot mess, hence the B&W pic! I’ve been meaning to exercise more, but I always find it hard to stay motivated to keep working out. I need a Shred-buddy! :)

My Week in Pictures 28 April 4 May 2014Tuesday

This beauty landed on my doorstep and I fell in love immediately! I’ve already done a full review and first impressions video of it here, so if you want to know how I rate it, go and check out that blog post.

My Week in Pictures 28 April 4 May 2014


I had a very productive blogging day! I managed to film videos, take blog pictures and what better way to do all that than wearing a red lipstick? :) By the way, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with wearing bright blue and pastel green. I get so many compliments when I wear either one of those two colours – think I need to rethink my whole wardrobe colour scheme!

My Week in Pictures 28 April 4 May 2014


I got sent this tiny bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo Eleganza Signorina and I think it’s the cutest thing ever! Being petite myself I’ve always been really fond of mini-things and this perfume bottle is just the perfect little addition to my dressing table! It also helps that it smells delicious :)

My Week in Pictures 28 April 4 May 2014


Going bare-faced! I had such red cheeks that day, but I do really like seeing how fresh my complexion looks without makeup. I know my skin is far from perfect and my eyes looks really puffy, but there’s something really nice about no-makeup days – I get all smiley and bubbly!

My Week in Pictures 28 April 4 May 2014


It’s the start of the bank holiday weekend, woohoo! I had three dresses lined up to go out for my sister-in-law’s birthday and I ended up going for the gold skater dress from River Island because I was feeling a bit self-conscious of my body that day, and the other two dresses were quite figure-hugging.

My Week in Pictures 28 April 4 May 2014


After Sunday lunch we went to Beechwood Park, then for a drive around Bristol. We had a look at some of the huge mansion houses in Clifton and dreamed of winning the lottery so we could buy a house there! :) We went over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, then we drove through the Ashton Court Gate and went back home. It was a lovely and chilled day, and the perfect end to my week.

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