What’s On My iPhone?

What's On My iPhone

I’m a very nosey person, and What’s On My iPhone videos are amongst my favourites to watch on YouTube; I always end up with a huge list of new apps to download after watching these videos! My last ‘What’s On My iPhone’ video was over a year ago, so I thought it was time for an update. I change my apps quite frequently, and most of the apps I had back then, are long forgotten and replaced with new ones by now.


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This time, I did a talk-through video instead of just showing you a quick glimpse of my favourite apps, so brace yourselves because it’s a long one! The video was originally 30 minutes long – gasp! – and I managed to cut it down to 20 minutes… so, don’t watch it in a hurry; wait until you’re on that long and boring train journey home, or sitting in bed ready to nod off for the night. I hope you like the video and don’t forget to let me know if I’m missing out on any amazing apps out there! :)

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  • Naf Naf Case
  • My Trendy Phone Case/Charger
  • Not On The Highstreet Case
  • Chanel Perfume Bottle Case


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One Comment

  • lechicbynadia

    Love this video! I’m on the app store downloading some of these apps right now!

    A quick aside, I had a question regarding your blog. What is the youtube widget you use in your sidebar! I just love the look of it – my sidebar looks like muck compared to yours. Would love if you would share the widget name. Thanks!

    As always, love love love your blog!

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