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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not really sure how much time has gone by since we last ‘spoke’ but I know it has been longer than I thought. Let me start by thanking you all for your kind messages and your ‘worries’ – it really is nice to be missed. I’m ok and I’ve been fine for most of the time while I’ve been gone, but I’ve had a few niggles to deal with along the way. I’m not yet comfortable talking about it all, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to share more. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful husband, family and friends, who made me feel really loved and comforted when I needed the most.


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In a nutshell, over a very short period of time I’ve had to deal with problems that affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. It has been really really hard. Just writing these words make me think ‘No wonder I haven’t felt like blogging recently!’. I have terrible difficulty opening up when I’m going through hard times; I feel like no one will truly understand how I feel and I’ll be misunderstood, judged, put in a certain ‘category’, pitied – I’d hate that! If you’re like me, something that works for me is reading about other people’s struggles – in a weird way it kind of gives me clarity and I’m able to see my problems from an outside perspective.


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I don’t want to frustrate you anymore with hundreds of paragraphs full of words, but without a real explanation, so I just want this to be the point where I draw a line under the last few months of being an absent blogger and start all over again! I’m feeling positive about my blog and I’m so motivated to start writing again; I’ve got lots of amazing things coming up such our 1st Wedding Anniversary, an exciting Summer Holiday and lots of incredible opportunities for my blog, and of course, I want to share it all with you! :)


  • Sandra Rytter Jensen

    Whatever you’re going through it sounds quite serious, and I really hope you are feeling better by now Ysis – or at least will soon. Getting worried here! :s I’m of course looking forward to your future blog posts as always, but please keep in mind that your health and feelings comes first, so that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself x

  • spery

    Hi, I went through some rough times too recently and I can tell you going back to my blog have helped me a bit. It keeps me focused on things I like, leaving bad thoughts behind. So good luck to you, to us, and a big hug!

  • Sheila

    Hello there,
    It was really nice reading something (even short) from you, after quite a while.
    The tiny bits also do count a lot, for me at least (without meaning to lead one to the thought that I may not be an ambitious person… Oh yes, I am ambitious, alright, on a very and fairly considerable scale). But, I’ve learnt to develop a way of thinking and reflecting about life, in general, not as a mushroom but as a tree (with roots) by considering multiple aspects from the micro to the macro ones… Can’t tell if you get the idea (in case you’re interested let me know and I’ll provide you insights regarding such matter).
    Unlike you and many others, reading about others struggles don’t work much for me, as it kind of withdraw me from the focus on finding solutions, apart from the fact that I get the feeling of sinking even more.
    Being powerless towards your own self/being it’s already a massive deal.
    Although, (I like to think it as a miraculous phenomenon) many times when you’re going through some serious struggling you’re still able to make a major difference in someone else’s life, to help her/him to solve something for good… that’s just extraordinarily priceless!
    It is no coincidence that each of us is also known as individual.
    Something that I profoundly dislike (on a mission to eradicate “hate” from my inner) is the comparision, mainly, between people, I just can’t stand it.
    A struggle can also be seen as a preventive and efficent medicine for a greater evil that’s coming up. Therefore stay firm and strong, the rewards are worth it.
    A tender hug,

  • Lana (crazybeautyland)

    I really love your videos and posts Ysis! Whatever it is that you’re going through, I hope it doesn’t get the best of you. You’re an amazing person and the one thing I love about all of your videos is your smile! Its the best smile ever, always lights up your face, and I hope you’ll always have a reason to smile even when you’re down :) <3

  • Carol Pelzer

    Hey Ysis….I’ve missed your posts… I hope it will all turn well for you!! I know what’s like to feel that nobody understands you .. Take care.. love from Berlin ;) x

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