My Little Box: My Little Energy Box January 2015 (Review & Contents)

My Little Energy Box Review

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There’s no better way to start the new year than with a brand new review of my favourite subscription box! My Little Box has consistently delivered an amazing selection of actually useful goodies every month since their arrival in the UK, and the January 2015 box, which is called My Little Energy Box, is centred around the idea of good vibes and positive energy for the new year – I could definitely use a lot of that!

My Little Energy Box Review

If you’re new to My Little Box, it is a subscription box service that costs £11 (+ postage & packaging) a month, and it contains a selection a beauty, fashion and lifestyle items which are connected to each month’s theme. I’ve already reviewed my first My Little Box back in August, and I went into a lot more detail about the concept of the brand on that post, so if you’re interested, click here to read my review of the My Little Summer Box.

My Little Energy Box Review

As I mentioned briefly previously, My Little Energy Box is the first box of 2015, and the products inside this month’s box will help you keep up with your New Year’s resolutions and inspire you to kick-start the new year with as much motivation as possible.

My Little Energy Box Review

My Little Sports Bag (£10) – I was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped this bag to find that it’s actually a fairly decent sized gym-type bag, which, to be honest, my pregnant-self won’t be using to go to the gym any time soon, but it will most certainly be useful on weekend trips and as a little carry-on bag. I love the cute little colourful triangle pattern against the white background, and the message on the one side, which reads “Good energy is contagious”!

My Little Energy Box Review

Talika Photo-Hydra Day Cream (£43.50) – I had never heard of Talika before, but I did enjoy using this moisturiser. The back of the product says that this is ‘the first cream to use energy from natural light’ to penetrate the skin and deeply moisturise it. I have no idea how that differs from other creams and how it benefits my skin in practical terms, but I liked that it’s light enough to be absorbed by the skin instantly without leaving any greasiness behind and it doesn’t have a strong scent. It has a slightly cooling effect on the skin, so I would imagine it’s a good moisturiser to use after a relaxing bath and during the Summer months.

My Little Energy Box Review

My Little Beauty Energising Mist (£7.50) – This face & body mist contains Vitamin C and green tea – it’s meant to help refresh the appearance of dull skin and re-energize a tired body. Admittedly, it has a lovely and fresh smell, which in itself makes me want to spritz this mist all over myself when I’m feeling a bit lethargic, but I’m always a bit skeptical about these types of seemingly miraculous products, and I can’t tell if they actually do anything or if it’s more of a psychological effect. Either way, it makes me feel fresher and more energised, even if it’s all my imagination – hey, good thoughts attract good vibes! :)

My Little Energy Box Review

Nails Inc Nail Varnish in Tate (£11) – Nails Inc is one of my top 5 nail varnish brands, and I was very happy indeed to spot this gorgeous deep red shade called ‘Tate’ in this month’s My Little Box. As with all Nails Inc nail varnishes I’ve tried before, the application is very smooth and the formula is amazing – it applies totally opaque with one coat leaving a moderately shiny finish, and it dries super quickly! I think ‘Tate’ resembles another Nails Inc shade called ‘Piccadilly Circus’, only ‘Tate’ is a deeper red with a berry undertone and ‘Piccadilly Circus’ is a more open red with a slight pink undertone.

My Little Energy Box Review

My Little Box 2015 Calendar (£10) – A very cute and thoughtful addition to this January’s box, filled with inspirational quotes and the prettiest illustrations for which My Little Box is known. I haven’t actually got myself a family calendar for this year yet, so I’ll hang this one in my kitchen and hopefully it will help the hubby and I become less dependent on our iPhone calendars, and as a result, we can be more in sync with our mutual commitments this year!

My Little Energy Box Review

Overall, I highly rate this January 2015 My Little Energy Box. I think the team at My Little Box is doing a great job so far and I can’t wait to see what my February box brings! Each and every single month, all of the carefully selected products contained in the boxes are actually useful, practical, personalised, imaginative and good quality. I find myself giving very little away to friends and family because I end up keeping and using the majority of the things I get in My Little Box every month. For that reason alone, I wholeheartedly recommend taking out a subscription of My Little Box and seeing for yourself how it brightens up your day when the postman knocks on your door with your monthly dose of loveliness!

What do you think of the January 2015 My Little Energy Box? Are you a subscriber of My Little Box or thinking of becoming one?

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  • Merveilles

    The only thing I’ve noticed and am somewhat irritated by is that the French version generally has an extra product for its subscribers – Fleur de Force eyeshadow in December; a Kelloggs Special K bar in January.

    I contacted them about this and was given a lame excuse that the value is the same – well clearly a missing product isn’t. I’m waiting to see what February brings – I’ve seen the French and UK versions, and I’m also wondering if there will be preferential treatment for bloggers as SPOILER ALERT

    one received a rather lovely eye pencil by Terry

    End of SPOILER – yet I’ve seen the box on Ebay with a maybelline eyeliner and am wondering if that is the substitute…

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I think my money is as good as anyone else’s so ending up with a drug store item I can buy anywhere and a load of items that may look French but are made in China really doesn’t do it for me.

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