Oscars Red Carpet 2015: My Top 5 Best & Worst Dressed

Oscars Red Carpet 2015 Top 5 Best and Worst Dressed

Hollywood’s biggest night brought some of the luckiest and most fabulous celebs down the most prestigious Red Carpet of the 2015 Awards Season – The Oscars Red Carpet. As usual, of course I was glued to the TV watching (and judging!) the parade of glitz & glam. After much deliberation, a few WOWs and EWs, I managed to pick my Top 5 Best & Worst Dressed of the Oscars Red Carpet 2015.

Top 5 Favourites

Rosamund Pike Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Rosamund Pike – Givenchy

Red, fitted, bold, sexy – perfect! Rosamund has never wowed me before, until now. She has the right amount of skin showing and this beautiful red dress fits her like a dream. Wearing red on the Red Carpet can be a bit of a risk, but this one really paid off for her. She also nailed the accessories (or lack of them) and the choice of understated, but classy, hair & makeup so the dress could do the talking. Beautiful! (Source)

Zoe Saldana Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Zoe Saldana – Atelier Versace

I really couldn’t fault her look this year! This blush pink colour with a slight warmth to it suits her skin tone so well, and the whole outfit, hair and makeup made her look so serene and etherial! The hair looks shiny and smooth, the makeup looks smoking hot and the dress totally enhances her curves! The spaghetti straps don’t bother me at all – I think it’s a good contrast with the sexy V-neck and waist-hugging fit of the dress, and also, for someone who has just given birth to twins, I’m sure she could use all the support she could get up there! (Source)

Anna Kendrick Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Anna Kendrick – Thakoon

Coral is my favourite colour and I really like the way she looks from head to toe. The hair is super elegant and goes well with the slightly smokey makeup and the halter neck detail of her dress. Talking about the dress – what a lovely fit! Just the right amount of fabric to be floaty and flattering at the same time. The opening in the middle works on Anna, as she doesn’t have a large chest and it keeps everything looking super chic! (Source)

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Zuhair Murad

Jenna’s dress is rather low-cut, which I don’t always like, but something about the whole look just works for her. I love the contrast of her tanned skin against the white dress, I love the subtle beaded detail, which frames and shapes her body nicely and I also love that the dress is not tight fitted on the bottom half to compensate for the low-cut top half. The hair pulled back helps bring down the ‘sexy’ factor and the red lip adds it right back up, at the right amount. (Source)

Reese Witherspoon Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Reese Witherspoon – Tom Ford

I have a soft spot of the very traditional and classic looks on the red carpet, and this year, Reese nailed that category. The structure of the dress is impeccable and I love how coordinated hair, makeup & dress are, without being too plain. She has taken a simple monochrome dress and turned it into a sophisticated and classy ensemble! (Source)

Top 5 Least Favourites

Cate Blanchett Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Cate Blanchet – Maison Margiela Couture by Jon Galliano

Last year, Cate nailed the Oscars Red Carpet! I think I even chose her as my overall favourite on my Oscars Red Carpet 2014 post, so I was expecting a lot from her this year. Unfortunately, I just didn’t get what I was expecting. The makeup and hair were too grungy for my taste, the dress looked old-fashioned and very heavy with her pale complexion, and it doesn’t matter how many times I look at the photos, my eyes don’t agree with that Tiffany necklace. I like the pop of turquoise, but that’s about it. (Source)

Nicole Kidman Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Nicole Kidman – Louis Vuitton

What? Like… I’m very confused. What’s up with the red band? And the colour of the dress does absolutely nothing to bring out her features! It really dulls her skin & hair colour, I did not expect this from Nicole. Not a fan at all of the whole look. Just… no. (Source)

Felicity Jones Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Felicity Jones – Alexander McQueen

Oh dear – very princess-like and too OTT, in my opinion! I’m not sure the silver colour is flattering on her, in fact, I’m not sure any of it is flattering. I think she would have been better off going to the ball with Cinderella instead of the Oscars. The hair is ok, nothing special; the makeup was lovely, but quite plain. (Source)

Keira Knightley Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Keira Knightley – Valentino

Unfortunately, to me, she looks like she just fallen out of ‘Enchanted’, but not in a good way. There’s just too much fabric in the loose fitted part of the dress, and I think the fitted part is too high up. On top of it all, the makeup is too meh and the tiara makes her look like a 12-year-old. Sorry, not my taste! (Source)

Jessica Chastain Oscars Red Carpet 2015

Jessica Chastain – Givenchy

I’m usually a big fan of navy blue dresses on pale skin, but this one just doesn’t cut it for me. I think I would have liked it more it without the top draped layer – just the sequins top and exactly the same from the waist down. I also don’t think the necklace is necessary and I would have put her hair up so as not to compete with the thick straps of the dress. (Source)

What do you think of my choices? Do you agree? Who do you think was the overall best and worst dressed on the Red Carpet? I’m off to catch up on the Awards Ceremony, as it aired far too late here in the UK and I couldn’t stay up to watch it live! :)

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