Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners (Review and GHD Comparison)

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners, £129.95
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Cloud Nine is a relatively new brand to me, but after reading a bit about them and finding out the company was created by the original founder of GHD, I became very intrigued about their range of hair tools, including straighteners and wands. Cloud Nine’s philosophy is ‘less heat, more style’, which means their hair tools are designed with a technology that reduces the amount of heat your hair is exposed to, without compromising on performance. Today I’m putting the Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners to the test, sharing my thoughts and the results I achieved after using these straighteners.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners have ceramic plates and a curved body to help you straighten, wave and curl your hair. The plates are 4cm wide and 9cm long, and there are 7 heat settings varying from low, medium and high temperatures. They come with a cute teal green protective heat guard and a black carry pouch, so you can safely and compactly store the straighteners away after use, without worrying about accidentally burning yourself. In the box, you also get a handy heat-resistant mat so you can rest the straighteners on a flat surface whilst using them. One of the most useful features of these straighteners is that they are dual-voltage, and the three-pin UK plug unscrews to reveal a two-pin plug which can be used in other countries.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

The plates have a mineral ceramic coating, which Cloud Nine claims to add shine and reduce the need to apply styling products to your hair, however, I do feel more comfortable applying a leave-in conditioner with heat protection like the Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment before using any styling tools on my hair. Whilst straightening my hair, the plates glided smoothly without leaving any visible kinks or dents on my hair.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

Working with wider plates took some getting used to, as I’m very used to the much smaller size of my GHD straighteners plates. At first, I found it tricky to get the Cloud Nine Wide Iron really close to my roots, and I kept having to go back to make sure everything was straight and smooth. If you have naturally curly hair like me, getting into those stubborn roots is a really crucial step to making sure you hair looks as natural as possible when styling it straight. But once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed using these straighteners and the wider plates allowed me to straighten bigger sections of my hair at once, which in turn reduced my styling time by about 10 minutes in total.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

The difference between the Wide and the Original Cloud Nine straighteners is the size of the plates; the wide iron is more suitable for long and thick hair, whilst the original iron is recommended for shorter and fine hair. I’m kind of in between the two categories, because my hair is not super long at the moment, but it’s pretty thick, so overall the wide straighteners are a better fit for my hair. I still prefer my GHD straighteners for quickly straightening at the very roots of my hair, just because the plates are smaller, but the Cloud Nine straighteners gave my hair a lot more shine and a smoother swishy texture, which was lovely!

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

I liked being able to control the heat settings, which is not something I can do with GHD straighteners, and I felt that the Cloud Nine straighteners were gentler to my hair, even when I used them in the highest heating setting. As I mentioned before, there are 7 heat settings starting from below 100 degrees Celsius to above 200 degrees Celsius; it’s not very clear what the Low, Middle and High temperatures are exactly, as the only numbers clearly indicated on the straighteners are 100, 150 and 200.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

Another clever feature of the Cloud Nine Irons is that they are enabled with a Hibernation Mode, where it automatically disables the straighteners if they are not used for more than 30 minutes, which can be so useful, if like me, you have ever left the house in a hurry and spent the entire day wondering if you remembered to turn off your straighteners.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

I must say I was impressed with the results I got using the Cloud Nine Wide Iron hair straighteners! My hair looks smooth and shiny, and I was able to achieve my signature hairstylestraight with a flick at the ends – with very little effort. My next try will be to create waves with this tool, as I think they are the perfect size for relaxed soft waves; I’m not sure I can get curls with these plates being wider than usual, but that’s not necessarily an issue. Next on my lust list is the Cloud Nine Micro Iron, which looks perfect for getting into my roots and styling my fringe!

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

These straighteners are great quality, luxurious and durable, and as such, they come with a price tag similar to what you would expect from GHD straighteners. I personally am more than happy to invest in good quality hair tools, as I know that heat damage can have a long term negative effect on my hair, and if you’re more than an occasional user of heat styling tools, you want to make sure your hair is not being quietly fried and slowly damaged beyond repair.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners Review and GHD Comparison

I honestly cannot choose between the Cloud Nine and the GHD straighteners; they are so similar in performance, heating time and results, that I would be very happy with either of them if I had to decide which one to use for the rest of my life. There are only a couple of noticeable differences – my GHD straighteners don’t allow me to choose the temperature, whilst the Cloud Nine ones do. The narrower plates on my GHDs make it easier to reach the roots of my hair, whilst the wider plates on the Cloud Nine straighteners allow me to straighten larger sections at once. And lastly, the GHDs are slightly lighter to hold than the Cloud Nine straighteners, but my GHDs can leave a few kinks if I’m not careful, whilst the Cloud Nine straightens glide more smoothly through the hair.

Over to you

What are you favourite hair straighteners? Have you tried Cloud Nine Irons before? How do you compare them to similar competitors like GHD Hair Straighteners?

*This post contains PR Samples.

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  • Rosemarie Uys

    thanks alot for the info – desperately need a straightener that works but dont want to waste my money on another that does not work. think im gonna try and go for the cloud nine thinner plate even though my hair is quite thick as my roots are a problem being that my hair is naturally curtly so it frizzes easy espesh at the roots!!!!

  • Laura Haslam

    I’m torn between GHDs and Cloud 9 hair straighteners at the moment…but I think I’m going to go with Cloud 9! I have very long hair but I have a blunt/full fringe down to my eyebrows so I will go with the original Cloud 9s…trying to straighten my fringe with a wide iron is always difficult and ends with nice shiny burns on my forehead haha! Thanks for the great review and comparison!

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