35 Weeks Pregnant – Swollen Feet & Pigmentation Issues

35 Weeks Pregnant Bump Shot

Only 5 more weeks to go – I’m now 35 weeks pregnant, can you believe it? This third trimester is going so quickly! Here’s my 35 weeks pregnancy update, including some pictures of my journey so far and a little chat about dealing with swollen feet, pigmentation issues, sensitive skin, lack of sleep and pain relief during labour! Press the play button to watch the Pregnancy Vlog below or click here to watch it on YouTube.



How far along? 35 weeks :)

Total weight gain: About 26lbs/ 1.8st/ 11.8kg – and still struggling to get my head around the amount of weight my body is now carrying around. I guess I never really stopped to think about how weight gain during pregnancy would affect my life and how much I would have to adapt to this new-found weight, so it’s been a bit of a shock to the system to cope with my new circumference and the strain that the weight gain has been putting on my joints.

Maternity clothes? No new ones, but I did splurge on a pair of Moshulu moccasin shoes to help me cope with my swollen feet and some non-maternity clothes from Fat Face – I bought a lovely lightweight pink knit cardigan, a chunkier textured knit cream cardigan, a tunic top and a lightweight Spring jacket, which I’m very happy with and I love how it fits me!

Stretch marks? Just the one under my left breast, no new ones.

35 Weeks Pregnant Swollen Feet

Sleep: No better than last week or the week before, unfortunately. My pregnancy and nursing pillow has helped a bit, but I think I have just reached a point where no matter what I do, I’m uncomfortable. Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet is also one of the hardest things ever because my bump is so heavy that I almost have to crawl to get in and out of bed!

Best moment this week: Going away on holiday with the family! We had a lovely time in St. Ives, Cornwall and the weather was incredible! If you want to see some pictures, go and watch my pregnancy vlog on YouTube.

Miss anything? Walking instead of waddling and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes!

Movement: Yes! body rolls, stretches, kicks, punches – the whole lot! I feel like some of his movements can be quite painful now and mummy definitely does not appreciate her ribs being kicked :(

Food cravings: Still eating my prawn wraps and thoroughly enjoying them; I’ve never eaten prawns so much in my entire life! Obviously they are thoroughly cooked, so I’ll be fine.

35 Weeks Pregnant Bump Shot

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing, thankfully.

Gender: A baby boy! :)

Labour signs: No.

Symptoms: Still plenty of swelling due to water retention, tiredness throughout the day from not sleeping very well, more pigmentation all over my body and my skin is very sensitive to sun exposure, even wearing lots of sun cream. I went to the beach a few times last week and I have literally gone 3 shades darker from staying out and about only for a little while! Under normal circumstances, this would be great, but I don’t want to end up with permanent pigmentation issues from sun exposure, so I’m definitely going to be shying away from the sunshine from now until baby comes.

Belly button in or out? It’s out! It popped out properly a couple of days ago and I don’t think it’s going back in like before – at least not until the baby is born.

Wedding rings on or off? Off!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Only moody when I have a particularly bad night’s sleep, which I think is quite understandable.

Looking forward to: My midwife appointment later today and the arrival of our changing unit for the nursery! We went for the East Coast Montreal Dresser – something simple and affordable, with storage drawers and a built-in changing area. I think this will be more than sufficient for what we need.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for a daily update on my pregnancy, lots of bump pictures and a peek into some of the things we’ve got for our baby boy so far. See you next week! :)

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  • sandratheblackpearl

    Only 5 weeks left! I hope you sail through it, although they say that the final month of pregnancy feels more like a year :) haha. I was 2 weeks overdue the last time, so I was on a verge of a mental breakdown. I am struggling with pigmentation too, despite wearing SPF. I have lots of light brown spots allover my face and I just hope they don’t get any darker.

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