Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding: My Experience

Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding: My Experience Combine Feeding

Motherhood is full of challenges, one of which is deciding between breastfeeding and bottle feeding formula milk to your baby. During my pregnancy, there wasn’t even a question in my mind that I wanted to exclusively breastfeed James for the first 6 months of his life. Of course, I’ve never discarded using formula, and I even bought the whole bottle feeding gear in preparation, just in case. But in reality, James has been breastfed and formula fed ever since the first day of his life, and I’m ok with this.


On the video above I talk about my breastfeeding experience and my decision to continue to combine-feed James. I share my thoughts on the pressure (#bressure) that women get to breastfeed their babies and I talk about the struggles with pain during breastfeeding due to mastitis, thrush and a poor latch caused by a tongue tie. It’s safe to say my breastfeeding journey has not been the smoothest, but I’m persevering with it for the time being, and I will continue to do so until I can’t anymore.

I hope this video is useful to some of you mums out there, and I look forward to hearing all about your breastfeeding experiences. If you want to hear about other mums’ breastfeeding and bottle feeding journeys, head over to Channel Mum YouTube Channel – I found it incredibly helpful and reassuring to see that other women have gone though the same struggles I’m going through right now.


  • MissyNeveraDullMomnt

    aww good on you hun :) i too struggled with breastfeeding with my youngest child as she was born very severe tongue tie (she couldnt lap on the breast or suck on the bottle) after her losing a lot of weight we decided to go privately and have her tongue tie snipped, best decision we ever made. She breastfed like a pro after that. I fed her until she was 12 months xo

  • Erika Tan-Agravante

    When I first gave birth my milk didn’t kick in right away, so my baby kept on complaining. I forced myself to breastfeed (since I didn’t want to have to shoulder the crazy expense formula-feeding entails) so I pumped as early as 3 days (despite other moms telling me that I was doing it wrong and I had to pump at least 6 weeks after giving birth) and gave her a bottle. When my milk finally came in we practiced latching and I’m proud to say that 6 months in, we’re still exclusively breastfeeding! I didn’t think we could do it xx

    Erika //

  • Tiffanie

    My baby was bottle fed with breastmilk and formula since day one since she was born at 29weeks. Naturally the baby won’t build coordination to breastfeed until 34-35weeks so she wasn’t able to latch on properly. I tried everyday I visit her in the NICU. So, even when she came home with us after a month, I made peace with the fact that maybe she won’t be able to latch on at all and I would be exclusively pumping (at the time they have me fortify the milk with tsp of formula to add calories without having to add volume)

    2 weeks later after we settled down a bit, I made an appointment to talk to a Lactation Consultant and she said she’s doing ok so far and all I needed was a little more patient each time I try to latch. So, I was able to nurse her a couple of times a day, but because she’s still new at this, I am still pumping after each feed and top her off with a bottle when she needs it.

    She fusses over the bottle when she wants comfort and she fusses over the breast because of the flow and work she has to put in but it’s getting better. I’m starting to pick up some freelance design work again and will be having my MIL watch her a couple of days a week so, pumping is still essential and on days that I have lower supply I do supplement with formula to eliminate stress and make sure that she is fed.

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