Newborn Baby Essentials & 1st Month Must Haves

Newborn Baby Essentials First Month Must Haves 2015

Here are my essential products for life with a newborn baby during the first month. When I was pregnant, I looked everywhere for guides and tips on what to buy for a newborn baby, and although I did find very useful sites, videos and blogs, I got a bit overwhelmed with too much information and ended up buying things that I never used during James’ first month. These are my must-haves, also known as ‘the life-savers‘; they are the things I found extremely useful and I hope you will find them useful as well. If you’re more of a visual person, click the play button below to watch the newborn baby essentials video, or if you prefer reading, scroll down to see the list!



Storksak Elizabeth Changing Bag, £199.95
It holds everything I need for James and myself, keeping things so well organised, and of course, it’s so beautiful! It’s quite an expensive bag, but I have no regrets getting it because I’m definitely using it a lot. Do let me know if you would like to see what I carry around in my changing bag and I can definitely get that done for you!

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 Pushchair, £200
It’s lightweight, easy to fold and super small when folded. We have been using it with the Newborn Inlay (£50), which gives the baby a nice and flat surface to lie in. I like this pushchair for most situations, but it’s a bit wobbly, especially on uneven ground and countryside walks.

Maxi Cosi Pebble Car Seat, £100
This was recommended to us by family and we love it. It comes with a wedge cushion which makes it perfect for newborns, and it fits on lots of pushchairs. James wasn’t very comfortable in it for a long time, whilst he was too little for it, but now he’s bigger, he likes it a bit more.


Tesco Mum Breast Pads, £2.95
If you’re breastfeeding, breast pads are great to absorb any leaks, to protect your nipples from rubbing against your clothes, and to keep your bras free of any creams that you may apply on your nipples, such as a lanolin cream to help heal cracks due to breastfeeding. Tesco does a box of 80 disposable breast pads for a very reasonable price, but you can also get some re-usable ones, which you can just throw in the wash after using it.

Medela Manual Breast Pump, £24.99
A breast pump can be very useful if you’re breastfeeding, either to help increase your supply, to relieve your breast from an over-supply or to express some milk to feed your baby when you’re out of the house. I’ve found the Medela manual breast pump so convenient and easy to use! I also have the Medela electric breast pump, but I find myself reaching for the manual pump a lot more, as I can pump quietly whilst my baby is asleep next to me, which is something I can’t do with the electric pump, as it can be a bit loud.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, £10.49
Another breastfeeding essential is a lanolin nipple cream. I’ve had so many issues with breastfeeding, such as baby’s poor latch and tongue tie, and this Lansinoh nipple cream has really helped relieve some of the soreness and cracks. I’m on my second tube of this now and I’ll keep buying it for as long as I’m breastfeeding! If you’re interested, I’ve done a video on my breastfeeding journey, explaining our reasons to combine feed James.

Mothercare Muslin Cloths, £7.99
Every new parent will tell you how Muslin Cloths are, hands down, their number 1 essential item for life with a newborn baby. They can be used for so many things, such as cleaning up dribble and spit-up mess during feeds, as a comfort blanket, to cover the changing mat and to protect your own clothes from all sorts of poop & sick accidents. Just throw them in the wash and grab a new one! I probably use about 5-8 every day. My favourite ones are from Mothercare & Primark, as they held up pretty well having been washed a million times a week and they are also much bigger than all the other ones I have.

Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser, £49.99
It holds 6 bottles at once, plus all the accessories and dummies. Because we are breastfeeding and topping up with bottles, this steriliser has been absolutely amazing and probably one of our most used items in the house. I would highly recommend this to any bottle-feeding parent of a newborn baby.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 150ml bottles, £17.99
Easy to wash and assemble, perfectly adequate for our needs. It also fits in with everything else that we have from Tommee Tippee, which is a  lot! Nowadays we have been using a couple of Dr. Brown’s bottles, but that’s subject for another video about our bottle-feeding equipment.

Cow & Gate First Infant Milk Formula Powder, £8.50
It comes in several different types – the Ready to Feed 70ml sterilised bottle and teat (£6.50), which is what we use when we are out, the Ready to Feed 200ml carton (£0.70), which we mainly use for night feeds, as all we need to do is pour it into a sterile bottle, and once open, keep it in the fridge, and the standard powder formula (£8.50), for all his daytime feeds. I’ve recently invested in the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (£79.99), which will hopefully cut down the time we spend making up bottles. Let me know if you want a review on it!

Newborn Baby Essentials First Month Must Haves 2015 Changing Mat


Tesco Changing Unit – out of stock
You don’t necessarily need a changing unit, but for me, it has been extremely useful. I have a dresser with a built-in changer in James’ nursery and this changing unit with shelves in our living room downstairs. It saves me having to run downstairs every time I need something for James, especially as I’m usually on my own looking after him, so I keep a few things downstairs and replenish my stock at the end of each day.

Mothercare Snoozie Safari Changing Mat, £9.99
You can get changing mats from anywhere, and they are usually quite affordable, but I chose this one because I love the cute animal theme! It’s also quite neutral, in case you don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl.

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream, £2.99
An essential product during nappy change for us! So far, James has never had a nappy rash, and I think this is definitely down to using Sudocrem every single time I change his nappy.

Waterwipes, £2.49
These baby wipes are great if you find using cotton wool and water a bit of a faff. They are chemical-free and super gentle on your newborn baby’s skin. They are not cheap, compared to other baby wipes, but definitely worth it for those first few months when your baby’s skin is still very sensitive.

Asda Little Angels Size 0 Newborn Nappies, £2.50
Get used to buying hundreds of thousands of nappies. During James’ first month, we were going through 10-12 a day, and because he was very small when we was born, the only two brands I found that did Size 0 nappies were Asda Little Angels and Pampers, but I still preferred the Asda ones, as they were more absorbent and much cheaper. Now that James is a lot bigger, I’m still buying the Asda Little Angels nappies for him, but he’s moved on to size 2.

Little Stars 200 Fragranced Nappy Bags, £1.25
I used to think that nappy bags were just for disposing nappies when we were out and about, but in our practical every day life, I use them on all nappy changes, which is about 6-8 times a day. I throw all the dirty wet wipes and nappies inside the nappy bag and it keeps all the mess contained, ready to go in the bin. This box of 200 nappy bags was from Poundland, and I got 2 boxes for £1, which is amazing value for money! You can also get very cheap ones from Asda, if you don’t have a Poundland near you.

Boots Baby Safety Buds, £0.60
These prevent you from accidentally pushing ear buds too far into your baby’s ears when cleaning them. They are a bit more expensive than normal ear buds, but I have found them quite reassuring, especially when James was only a few days old and I was afraid that everything and anything would hurt him! Now he’s nearly 3 months old, I’m a bit more confident with what I’m doing, so I’m ready to transition to regular buds.

Boots Baby Extra Large Cotton Wool Pads, £2.59
These are so much more useful than regular sized pads. Because they are bigger, they cover a lot more area at once, and I find them useful for nappy changes when I’m out of Waterwipes, and also for cleaning my baby’s face with a bit of warm water.

Newborn Baby Essentials First Month Must Haves 2015


Boots Mini Club Short Sleeve Bodysuits, £11
Be mindful of the weather when your baby is born. James was born at the end of Spring / beginning of Summer, so we went for clothes to keep him cool, and if necessary layer up to warm him up. These short sleeve vests from Boots are so cute that I’ve actually bought them in a newborn size and a bigger size because I love the print!

John Lewis Baby Sleeveless Bodysuits, £6
These ones from John Lewis are my favourites. They washed really well and the envelope neckline makes it easier to get it over baby’s head. I put these on under James’ sleepsuits at night, or on a really hot day, that’s all he wears around the house to keep cool.

Mothercare Sleepsuits, from £8
During your baby’s first month, you won’t want to be faffing about with t-shirts, shorts or trousers. Trust me, when you need to change your baby’s nappy 10 times a day, sleepsuits are so easy, especially the ones with poppers on. I love the Mothercare & Next ones, as they have much longer legs, and since James is tall and slender, other sleepsuits for his weight range are usually too short on him.

Mothercare Pyjama Set, £10
Saying that, if you do get bored with dressing your baby in sleepsuits, I found this pyjama set from Mothercare very practical for night-time and I usually would just put a sleeveless bodysuit underneath it.

Mothercare Pramsuit, £15
This Pramsuit was really useful during James’ first few weeks of life. As I said before, he was born at the end of Spring, and it was still quite cold here in the UK, so we used to dress him in this to keep him warm when we were out with him in the buggy. It was also really great to help him fill out the car seat a bit more, as it nearly swallowed him whole!

Bathing & Caring

Strata Little Star Baby Bath Set, £19.99
I got this from Argos; it comes with a top & tail bath and a foam support. I found it really useful to bathe James when he was still little and not very sturdy, and he absolutely loved it! He has almost outgrown the bath, so keep in mind that you may not use it for very long, but if you’re not ready for the big bath, this may serve its purpose until you’re confident enough to make the transition.

Primark Wash Mitt – out of stock
A wash mitt can come in handy during bath time, especially if you’re top & tailing your baby, as you can get into hard to reach areas, such as the neck, under arms and other creases, and gently scrub off any dirt. These Primark ones were cheap & cheerful!

E45 Moisturising Lotion, £5.99
Newborn babies usually get very dry and flaky skin, and because their skin is so sensitive, you should avoid using any harsh lotions until they are a bit older. My son had a lot of dry skin, so my Health Visitor recommend using E45 from head to toe, and that really helped clear out the dryness. I even used it on his face and had no problems whatsoever.

Tommee Tippee Grooming Set, £12
This has everything you could need to care for your newborn baby. I keep this handy at all times, either to trim James’ nails, brush his hair, take his temperature if he’s a bit poorly or use the aspirator to help him breathe a bit better. I would highly recommend getting this set and I have used everything in there, several times!

Snuffle Babe Nasal Drops, £2.39
This has helped to keep my little one’s nose as clear as possible, especially at night if he is feeling quite congested and struggling to sleep. I recommend going for drops rather than spray, as I find the drops way more effective.

Infacol, £2.99
During James’ first month, he suffered a lot with wind and colic, which he has, thankfully, now grown out of, but we used to put a few drops of Infacol into his bottles, and that definitely helped him. We don’t use it anymore, but it was useful having it.

Mam Soothers, £5.15
For dummies, James loves the MAM Soothers. He has tried a couple of Tommee Tippee ones and didn’t like them, so we have a good stock of the MAM ones for him. Not all parents choose to give their babies a dummy, but we have and James really likes it.

Tutti Bambini Katie Cot


TKMaxx Fluffy Banket, £7.99
Blankets are extremely useful. Make sure you have thin ones as well as fluffier ones. My son loves feeling cosy under a fluffy blanket, but during warmer days, I make sure to only cover him with a light blanket, so as to not overheat him.

Mothercare Loved So Much Bouncer, £59.99
A rocker or bouncer is very useful to have for daytime naps or for just having a safe place to put your baby down for 5 minutes. When James was born, he didn’t really fit comfortably in this bouncer, as he was a bit too small, but now he loves his bouncer and it’s where he has all of his daytime naps. This one from Mothercare really caught my eye because it’s neutral, cute and very soft. It has a built-in vibrator, which James doesn’t really like, and a few lullabies, which he loves. I just wish it had a built-in self-rocking function as well, because I do spend a huge chunk of my day rocking the chair until he falls asleep.

Kinder Valley Tiny Ted Moses Basket, £13.50
Our Moses basket has done a really good job, and it only cost about £15 in the Asda sale. This is where James sleeps every night, and he is super comfy in there! I used to carry it downstairs if he was asleep and I didn’t want to disturb him, but now that he can nap in his bouncer, I usually leave the basket in our bedroom.

Clair de Lune Wooden Folding Moses Basket Stand, £15.99
A stand for the Moses basket is just as useful as the basket itself because it keeps James at the same height as our bed, and I don’t have to strain my back to get him in and out of the Moses. I got this one from Amazon, but you can get them from lots of high street shops. I really wish I got a rocking stand, but I bought this before James was born, and I didn’t know that we would love being rocked to sleep.

BT 7500 Lightshow Video Monitor, £149
This monitor is simply amazing! It has so many cool functions, and even though James is still sleeping in the Moses basket next to our bed, I have this set up so I can see if he’s awake, without having to sit up on the bed about a million times a night. I also use this to keep an eye on him when he’s napping in the daytime and I want to go upstairs to do some housework or make myself something to eat in the kitchen. It may seem a bit excessive to be constantly watching your baby, but I think every new parent freaks out a little bit if they can’t see if their baby is ok, especially when they are newborn.

So that’s everything that we have found essential during our first month with baby James! If you found this video useful, make sure to give it a thumbs up and let me know what are your newborn essentials. James is now nearly 3 months old, so we have retired some and acquired other baby essentials. I’ll make sure to keep making these videos when I have enough to update you on! If you have any video requests, please leave them below.

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