Weaning Baby at 4 Months – Why and How We Did It, Equipment & Schedule

Weaning Baby At 4 Months Why and How We Did It, Equipment, Schedule and Routine

Over the last week I have been uploading a series of videos onto my YouTube channel, talking all about our experience with weaning baby James onto solid foods at 4 months, the equipment we used during the first and second stage of weaning, our schedule progressing to 3 meals a day and our reasons for weaning James a bit earlier than 6 months. If you’re interested in the weaning baby onto solid foods subject, press the play button below to watch my Weaning playlist or click here.

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If you have any weaning tips to share or video requests, please comment bellow. I would love to hear your thoughts and I am happy offer recommendations based on my experience with weaning James.

Make sure to always check with your health visitor, GP or paediatrician before introducing anything new to your baby.


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