10 Month Old Baby Schedule and Routine

10 Month Old Baby Schedule and Routine - Naps, Solid Foods, Milk Feeds,  Daily Amounts and Sleep Training [www.ysislorenna.com]

Today I’m sharing our 10 month old baby schedule for James, including naps, solid foods, milk and bedtime. I honestly find looking through other mums’ routines with their babies so helpful when I’m adapting our routine, so I thought it might interest you to see how we go about our day with a 10 month old baby.

10 Month Old Baby Schedule

5-6am Wake and 8oz of milk
7-7:30am Breakfast
8-8:30am Nap
10am Snack (if needed)
11:30am Lunch
12-1pm Nap
2pm 8oz of milk
3:30pm Snack
4:30pm Dinner
4:50pm Bedtime routine prep
5pm Bath
5:30pm 4oz of milk
5:50pm Books
6:00pm Bedtime

10 Month Old Baby Naps

At 9 months old, James dropped his third nap, which was usually late in the afternoon. He did it himself, though for about a week I always gave him the chance to have that nap if he wanted, but he didn’t seem to want it (as much as I thought he still needed it). So at 10 months, James has two naps a day, lasting on average half an hour each. His naps are still on the short side, but he’s always been a cap-napper, so I’ve given up trying to get him to have longer naps. It sucks for me because my day is pretty much a write off in terms of getting things done until bedtime, which can be frustrating at times, but it is how it is, so I try to make the most of our time together without adding any pressure on me to get lots of done, or on him to nap longer for my sake.

10 Month Old Baby Solid Foods

James is a great eater. He will eat pretty much anything I give him, unless he doesn’t like the texture. He has 3 meals a day with water, snacks in between if he is peckish, or bits of what we’re having in the day. We’ve been trying to get him to eat more homemade and lumpier foods, which seems to be slowly getting better, but he still prefers smooth purees and soft (almost dissolvable) bits of food. His favourite finger foods are grapes, toast and cheese (very limited amount). We also offer him cooked pear or apple, cooked carrot sticks, biscuits, scrambled eggs, Organix Carrot Sticks and Kiddylicious Banana Wafers. He is still not having cow’s milk at all, as on our paediatrician’s recommendation, we’re waiting until he is 12 months to minimise the risk of allergies. This month his appetite has increased, maybe due to him being more active (crawling, standing and cruising). He never refuses food!

10 Month Old Baby Milk Feeds

At his 9 month check up, the health visitor recommended to put James on vitamin supplements because he was refusing his milk, and was having less than 500ml / 20oz a day. At 10 months old he is back to his usual self and has two 8oz bottles and one 4oz bottle, although he rarely finishes that last one. He also has 3oz of his milk mixed in with cereal, which helps to increase his milk intake. James hasn’t had a night feed since he was 6 months old, but he does eat a lot in the day and wakes earlier than most babies, so that balances things out.

10 Month Old Baby Daily Amounts

  • 3 formula milk feeds per day for a total of 20oz
  • About 8-10oz of water (2.5oz with each meal, and occasional sips during the day)
  • 2 pieces of buttered toast (cut in finger slices) for breakfast
  • Fruit if hungry between breakfast and lunch;
  • 1 Ella’s Kitchen Stage 3 pouch or homemade food (some kind of puree with vegetables and a source of protein) for lunch and fruit for dessert
  • Buttered bread, grated cheese, eggs, rich tea biscuits, fruit or cooked vegetables as a snack in the afternoon
  • 1 weetabix with 3oz of formula milk and 70g of fruit or one Ella’s kitchen fruit pouch mixed in

We’ve had to adapt our morning since sleep training James to sleep through the night (watch our Sleep Training Diary here). He goes to bed early and wakes early, which suits our family and it seems to be working. I’m flexible with his routine depending on what we’re up to in the day, but most of the time everything gets done within 30 minutes of our schedule. I can’t stress enough how having a schedule for your baby makes life so much easier and it makes your life outside of mummy duties possible! Routine and babies go really well together – they haven’t developed the ability to think logically yet, so their way of making sense of the world is to rely on routine to instinctively know what to expect next.

I hope you find this post useful if you are struggling to get your baby into a daily schedule and establish a routine for your family. Please share your schedule for your babies below as I’m constantly revisiting ours to make it better, and I get a lot of inspiration for looking at other mums’ routines!

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