Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair – My New Hair for Spring and Summer 2016

Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair - My New Hair Colour 2016 Ysis Lorenna

I’ve done it again! I’ve had my hair dyed lighter for Spring and Summer, and this time my hairdresser went for chestnut and honey balayage highlights. I haven’t been able to stop looking at my hair since yesterday and I absolutely love the way my new hair colour turned out.

I’ve done a short video below explaining better my balayage highlights on dark hair, so press play below or click here to watch the video.

My hairdresser’s name is Ivan and he is absolutely amazing! He is London-based, but he travels all over the UK to see clients. If you want to contact him, send him a message on his Facebook page.

[youtube=] So what do you think of my new hair? Will you go lighter for Spring and Summer? Have you ever had balayage highlights done? Let me know on the comments below! I have some hair tutorials coming up, so stay tuned for that.

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  • Dollie Solanki

    Your hair looks gorgeous!!! I had tried balayage once but it didn’t look half as nice as your hair does. Perhaps next time, I should carry a picture of your hair to show the hair stylist…..

  • Wing

    Love your new hair colour! For ages, I’ve been wanting something similar done to mine but its so hard to find a good hair dresser who can colour dark hair properly! May have to check him out. Thanks for sharing!

  • chlio18

    you are gorgeous!! love the new hair! will definitely try it out! i kn this is a bit random, but may i know where are your sparkly earrings from?!! they are so pretty! adds that bit of oomph to your whole look.

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