First Time Mum Postpartum: What No One Tells You

First Time Mum Postpartum: What No One Tells You -

First time mum postpartumoh dear! After giving birth, especially for the first time, a lot of things will happen to you that may catch you by surprise. This unique moment of your life can be both magical for finally having your little bundle in your arms, and confusing due to all the changes your body and yourself in general, are going through.

Postpartum is still a topic that most people tiptoe around when sharing their own experiences or trying to give expectant mums an idea of what can happen to them. In my opinion, if a fellow mum-to-be is asking for my insight in order to feel prepared before giving birth, I will be honest and tell her exactly what it feels like (from my experience) after you give birth.

Since you – my readers – frequently come to me for advice and information, I decided to share what no one tells you after you give birth and what to expect from your postpartum period. This is not meant to scare anyone who is currently pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, but to share the things I wish I had known going into my postpartum as a first time mum.

On the video below I talk about these aspects of your life after giving birth:

  • The belly: how it will look like postpartum, what if feels like, what you can wear to help get your body back in its original shape.
  • The swelling: what to expect from the swelling you experienced during pregnancy, after you give birth.
  • The bleeding: how it is different to normal period bleeding, how long it lasts and how to make sure you’re prepared for it with pads and disposable underwear.
  • The bladder: how I now find myself running to the toilet or having ‘accidents’ when I sneeze and how the lights by TENA pads can help you feel fresh and confident when you’re experiencing bladder weakness during pregnancy and after birth. Click here to claim a free lights by Tena sample pack – it won’t hurt to have them, right?!
  • The stitches: if you tear of have an episiotomy, how your stitches feel when you need to go to the toilet and how to make it less painful and uncomfortable down there.
  • The baby blues: how this emotional rollercoaster caught me totally by surprise and what to expect from your emotions fuelled by hormones postpartum.
  • The boobs: what to expect from your breasts postpartum, whether you’re breastfeeding or not.
  • The milk leakage: how milk actually leaks from your boobs in a way that I did not expect.
  • The nausea: what to expect from your pregnancy nausea after you give birth and when it goes away.
  • The family: how I felt towards my family after I gave birth and how my feelings changed now that I have my very own family.


Press the play button or click here to watch my First Time Mum Postpartum – What No One Tells You video. I hope you find it somewhat interesting if you’re expecting and if you’ve already gone through a postpartum experience, let me know if you dealt with some of the things I mentioned on the video. If you have any more words of wisdom to share, feel free to leave them on the comments below!

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